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Chrome ISO Footpegs - Rubber Cushioned w/ Heel Rest

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Item #: DK-KY-ISO-C-HR-R
Manufacturer: Kury


DK Custom Harley Chrome ISO Footpegs - Rubber Cushioned w/ Heel Rest Dampen Road & Engine Vibrations Classic Look Highway Pegs Kury Kuryakyn




Great for Highway Pegs Also  


  • ISO Footpegs Dampen Road & Engine Vibrations
  • Durable Chrome Finish with ISO Pads for Superior Comfort and grip
  • 1.25" Diameter & 4 5/8" long
  • Built-In Cushioned Heel Rests
  • Sold as a Pair
  • Compliments ISO Grips & ISO Shift Peg!
  • FITS HARLEY-DAVIDSONS* and most any other motorcycle



These ISO pegs w/ Cushioned Heel Rests install quickly, and are one of those small changes that make a Big Difference.  These are Super Comfortable & have a Classic look!

Looks great with or without the matching ISO Shift peg & ISO Grips.

These make Great Highway Pegs Also!

Fits all modern Harley's except a few models that have the non-standard offset clevis, like HD has been using on the 48 & several other models.

Optional Matching Shift Peg Available.  Click HERE to see full details.

Fitment Note: Will fit the M8 Softail when used with the Footpeg Adapter at this LINK


This is an EASY install - 5 minutes!

Great Look & The Ultimate in Comfort!!!

"I have the entire ISO line now, pegs, highway pegs, grips &  gear shift peg.  DK Custom Rocks!" -Chuck

Customer Reviews

Great Stirrups Review by Rich
Just recently completed an 1100 mile trip. !st time using these pegs/stirrups. I never used stirrups before, but they were great allowing me many different positions to place my feet throughout the trip, rather than just the one peg. It seemed like foot boards at a distance. As a side note, make sure that you tighten the socket hex bolts really good and use locktite. The instructions do not give any torque specs nor does it suggest thread lock. Soon after departure the right stirrup began to move and the peg mount clamp didn't grip the peg. (Posted on 9/14/2020)

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