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Combo Package - NEXGEN™ 14" Trike Series Shocks™ & Convertible Comfort Lift™ For Harley Davidson Trikes

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Item #: DK-NG-14-TSS-LK
Manufacturer: DK Custom Products

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DK Custom Products  Combo package Comfort Lift NexGen 14" Shocks Trike Harley Tri Glide Freewheeler Pro Action Ohlins Legends Comfort Lift Trike Series Shocks



For Harley-Davidson




For Harley-Davidson



Shock Features & Specs:

  • Patented IAS Technology Inside (details below)
  • CNC machined T6061 aircraft quality billet aluminum
  • 3 stage Dynamically adjusting compression valving
  • 2 Separate Rebound Circuits (IAS)
  • Separated Oil/Nitrogen System 
  • Internal Reservoir
  • Hard coat anodized
  • 9 port high flow piston
  • 14" Shocks - 4" of travel 
  • Hand adjustable threaded spring pre load adjuster
  • Stainless steel spherical bearings in shock eyes 
  • Sold as a Pair
  • Increased stability in turns (rides "flatter")
  • Increased cornering ability
  • Reduced brake dive (due to IAS Damping in rear shocks)
  • Smoother riding over the bumps
  • Faster braking (better contact patch)
  • Less wallowing in turns
  • Less harshness over bumps
  • Reduced bottoming out
  • Better Trike control
  • Developed & Manufactured by DK Custom
  • Easy Installation
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty


14" Convertible Comfort Lift™ FEATURES & SPECS: 

  • Durable Black Powder Coat Finish
  • CNC Cut from American Steel 
  • The Convertible Comfort Lift™ Replaces the Stock Shock Bracket
  • Works with the Trike Series 14" Shocks™ on all years HD Trikes
  • Unique Design w/ multiple lift heights to accommodate exhaust fitment & Taller Shocks
  • E-Z Install ~ Comes with Step-by Step Instructions see the install HERE
  • Made in The USA!


 IAS Inside.  Inertia Active Suspension is a patented technology.  These NEXGEN™ dynamically adjust rebound damping, resulting in improved riding comfort & control. 

This is acheived via a motion sensing valve in the shock body that dynamically adjusts the rebound damping to be ideal for both dips and bumps.

Custom Tuned to Your Trike & Your Riding Style/Loads


Conceived, Designed, Tested & Built by DK Custom Products, these 14" NEXGEN™ Trike Series Shocks™ provide a Superior Ride Quality for Harley-Davidson Trikes with the MOST Travel possible at 4".
DK Custom Products has been at the forefront of developing suspension solutions for Harley Trikes.  We were the first to come up with the idea of a 14" shock for the additional travel. 

MORE About The Patented IAS Technology:  Normally shocks have 1 circuit for for compression & rebound damping.  Within this damping circuit are "shim stacks" that provide pressure sensitive adjustment to the damping.   Because it is one circuit for both, it is always a compromise.

These shocks have TWO Completely different circuits (valving) for auto-adjusting rebound damping. 

By having one pressure sensitive circuit for bumps in the road, and Another damping circuit for dips in the road, the damping works exceptionally well.  Each damping circuit is set up to optimally, and automatically adjust the damping to the road surfaces, acceleration, braking, load (weight) on the Trike.


  • With More Travel, afforded by the 14" Shocks, the ability to eat up small and large irregularities, turning the harshest jolt into a smooth dip is a joy to ride.
  • These Trike Series Shocks™ are 14 inches tall.  Designed to work with the DK Custom 14" Convertible Comfort™ Lift brackets, they not only give you the most suspension travel available for an HD Trike, they also level out your Trike.  No more dragging the tail end.
  • When you order you will be asked some easy questions.  Your answers give us the information needed to use the correct spring rate for your shocks, as well as giving us the info needed to adjust the shocks for you.  This way when you receive the shocks they are already set-up for you.  Simply bolt them on and ride! 



Fits all 2009-Up Harley-Davidson Trikes (Tri Glide, Freewheeler, FLHXXX) 

Note: Even though the 2009-2016 Trikes will run this Trike Series Shock™ without the 14" Convertible Comfort Lift™, they will sit more level and ride smoother with a 14" Convertible Comfort Lift™.

Click HERE to see details on the 14" Convertible Comfort Lift™


Limited Life Time Warranty Details:

For the original purchaser of the shocks
Does not cover accidents, fire, environmental catastrophes (submerged in a flood, etc.) 
Does not cover if the shocks were abused (overloading them), improper installation
If they are installed properly, not overloaded, not damaged by some external force, then they are Lifetime shocks for the original purchaser....if they wear out, they will be rebuilt/replaced  at no charge.


"Had the Nex Gen 14” shocks and comfort lift installed. Holy hell what a difference. Spots on my route home that can make my back pop weren’t even felt. It’s like a Cadillac now."  -Brian


"These Trike Series Shocks do an amazing job at leveling out the irregularities in the road.  As we get older, having a smoother ride is more & more important.  The stiff, straight axle OEM ride is long gone." - James







Click on the link below for an article on Understanding Rake & Trail.


It explains the How & Why of the Improved handling experienced when using one of the DK Custom Convertible Comfort Lift™ Kits

 Understanding Rake and Trail



Understanding the How and Why's of Rear Tire Pressure on Trikes.


Lehman Trikes Correct Tire Pressure

Customer Reviews

Combo Package - NEXGEN™ 14" Trike Series Shocks™ & Convertible Comfort Lift™ For Harley Davidson Trikes Review by Keithbiker
Well did it myself took about three houurs.
Watched the vidio many times and refered to the instruction. Went together just like they everything lined up. Now the ride first test in neiborhood felt like it steered easier coundnt tell how the ride was. than parked and waite for all the snow and storms to quit. Than I went for a real ride slow and fast over different roads. The ride comfort was unbealeavable very smooth all the jarring was gone perfect. The steering was very quick and easy at all speeds. All around huge improvement. worth the money. Bike is a 2021 Tri Glide Ultra. Thankyou DK customs. (Posted on 1/27/2023)
Nexgen combo pkg Review by Happy Jack
About 6 months ago I purchased and installed the nexgen 14" combo package on a trike. I could feel a big difference in the ride as soon as I installed the pkg. I have now put 4000 miles on the suspension including a 1400 mile round trip to the Rocky Point Rally in Puerto Penasco Mexico. Absolutely love the suspension. I highly recommend the nex gen pkg to anyone riding a trike. The ride and handling are so much better than factory. DK Customs support is excellent as well. (Posted on 12/19/2022)
Take the beating out of your Trike Review by MartyG
I installed the Nexgen combo kit on my 2020 TriGlide install time was 2 hours taking my time.
My bike now is a joy to ride before the new shocks 2 hours was all my back could take now a day run 6~8 hours on the trike is not a problem .. This was by far the BEST upgrade i have done to my TriGlide. Kevin and his crew nailed it on this mod! (Posted on 11/20/2022)
easier than I thought Review by Harry
The install was not nearly as difficult as I thought it was going to be. Everything fit perfectly and was well made. (Posted on 9/26/2022)
Excellent mod Review by Guy
After attending DK's Open House in September and discussing Trike suspension mods with Kevin I bought the Nexgen kit for my Tri Glide Ultra. Delivery was prompt and complete. It took me about 5 hours total for the removal of the stock shocks/mounting brackets and the installation of the Nexgen's/comfort lifts. First ride was awesome - a completely different riding experience. The steering took less effort and the trike felt lighter or more nimble. The ride felt like the peaks had been shaved down and the valleys filled resulting in a pleasant and comfortable ride. Worth the money and effort in my opinion. (Posted on 9/25/2022)
Great!!!!!! Review by Allaround
So I got my wife a 2018 Tri glide. The stock shocks are less then good! I did a ton of research on shocks. DK by far wins every category. Big difference in ride. (Posted on 8/25/2022)
Should have done it sooner Review by Larry Gruber
First of all wasn't expecting such quick delivery I ordered them on Sunday and they were on my front porch when I got home Wednesday so 5 star's to DK shipping. Install time 3 hours hardest part was left side dealing with the parking brake cables even after you get the bracket off but that's on Harley. shock's great improvement over stock I was a little surprised with the stock shocks having a oil line connected to them. we went for first ride and what a different ride on a scale of 1 to 10 stock being 0 I put DK shock's 8 I don't believe anything can get a Harley trike to 10 I'm very happy with ride quality now this is our 3rd trike it's a 21 we bought new last September the other 2 trikes had air shocks so I expected better on the 21 since it had coilover but it was just as bad as previous trikes .So hats off to DK for quality and delivery. Really hoping to make the trip from Leavenworth to your open house on the 3rd (Posted on 8/18/2022)
Amazing improvement to the ride Review by Jeff
Installation was pretty straight forward if you have any mechanical experience. Worked on it over a few nights after work for total of maybe 3 1/2 or 4 hours. Wife loves the difference these shocks make, smooths out all bumps and dips. Even some of the roughest ones I could find were not bad. I find that our 2017 Triglide steers much better and goes through curves smoother at speeds I wouldn't have tried previously. What a great product, Wish I had pulled trigger on these sooner. Cost seems high until you actually feel the difference, well worth the price. I have my eye on a few other items and cant wait to order them. (Posted on 8/2/2022)
Outstanding product so far Review by Andy
Just do it! My wife said she was done riding with me due to the jarring etc. I have had two back surgeries resulting the purchase of a 2019 Tri Glide.I was growing less and less insterested in abusing my body any furtheralso. I didn't think any shocks would make a significant difference. I have put them on 2 wheelers and never felt enough of an improvement to be overly excited about them.. So we test drove a Cam Am Spyder. The ride was great but eveything else about it was not me. However to save our riding relationship I put a deposit on one to be delivered late summer. We had a trip planned a couple weeks ago to the Blue Ridge area of NC & Va. Just before we left I took an expensive gamble and ordered the Nexgen shock package figuring it would at least improve my vacation experience. Instead of improving the experience, they saved me from the Spyder! My wife & I were imediately amazed at the improvement in ride. After 450 miles of switch backs and rough roads we were in agreement to keep the trike! If you are on the fence about the big investment vs the results, all I can say is just do it! (Posted on 7/26/2022)
Shocks Review by Pauley
Wow,what a difference from stock hd air shocks,absolutely smooth riding with nexgen setup on 2016 harley trike,I don't bottom out at all,everyone was very professional and courteous at dk customs,very satisfied with everything and install was easy,would recommend them (Posted on 6/7/2022)
Awesome Review by Skip
I installed Comfort Lift Kit. It made
a world of difference makes the ride 100% more enjoyable for us. Wife is a happy rider no more slapping in the back when we hit a bumper. Only regret is that I didn’t install It sooner. Highly recommend this upgrade (Posted on 6/1/2022)
Helped so much Review by Randy
Before I installed these was like riding in a wagon, solved that problem no more jolting. It's nice and smooth when I hit a bump now. Only thing is now I can feel the problems with front end now so will have to beg it up. Wish harley would have done this in first place especially on a cvo. (Posted on 5/31/2022)
nexgen 14" combo package Review by Happy Jack
Ruptured a disc in my lower back last year. so back is very tender can't take too much pounding. Purchased a new 2021 Triglide Ultra. Ride was hard enough it still jarred my back. installed Nexgen 14" combo package. Unbelievable difference. The trike is very smooth handles much better. stopped all the rocking and bouncing from the rear end. Corners much better feeels more stable i highly recommend this package to all trike owners. Ready for all day riding again Kudos to DK customs (Posted on 5/23/2022)
Dolphin smooth Review by Brian C.
Got my trike back today. Had a serious 40k service and inspection done ahead of a planned week long road trip. Had the Nex Gen 14” shocks and comfort lift installed during this as well. Holy hell what a difference. Spots on my route home that can make my back pop weren’t even felt. It’s like a Cadillac now, dolphin smooth, and will only get better once my fronts come in next month. I’m looking forward to the road trip even more now and so is my wife. She will go to sleep for sure now. Lol. Thanks to all the people at DK Customs. (Posted on 5/10/2022)
Really smooths out the ride Review by Bobby
Just put these on a few days ago and I am impressed with how much they have smoothed out the annoying sharp bumps on the ride to work this morning. The smaller bumps are all but gone and the sharper ones were just a minor annoyance. Going through curve there is less lean. Overall a great improvement I wish I had done a lot sooner!!! (Posted on 3/21/2022)
Love so far Review by Loren
I ride 2 up most of the time and we would tend to bottom out with factory air shocks, these shocks provide and smoother ride and no bottom out yet.
I have only made a shoe ride yet because of Minnesota cold, our roads are really in bad shape now and the TG rides pretty darn good. I had previously installed a lift witch was great for handling so this did not change the handling .
Only regret is not buying sooner (Posted on 3/14/2022)

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