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Dynojet Target Tune for The Power Vision Harley EFI Tuner

Regular Price: 648.87

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Item #: DK-PV-TT
Manufacturer: Dynojet

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Regular Price: 648.87

Special Price 599.99

DK Custom TARGET TUNE For The Power Vision Dynojet Works with the Power Vision to give a Powerful, Dynamic Tune, as You Ride! Harley Davidson

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For The Power Vision



Works with the Power Vision to give a Powerful, Dynamic Tune, as You Ride!



2006-2023 Delphi EFI Harley-Davidson's


DK Custom Products has Partnered with Dynojet & Fuel Moto

To Offer the Best Flash Tuning Choices for Harley-Davison's

Along with the Best Warranty and Best Customer Support!



Features & Specs:

  • Provides Real Time Tuning, as you Ride
  • Fits All 2006-2023 Delphi EFI Harley-Davidson's
  • Allows the factory ECM to interpret and use wideband O2 sensor signals
  • User defined AFR/Lambda targets over a broad range
  • Target fuel table from PV calibration is achieved in real time
  • Retains OEM closed loop, adaptive fuel control strategy
  • Learns and uses VE table corrections as you ride
  • More Powerful Auto Tune w/ Target Tune  
  • Does NOT interfere with dealer diagnostic / service tools
  • Direct plug in OEM style connectors connect to factory O2 harness  
  • Straight forward installation, comes with Step-by-Step Instructions
  • Double the Dynojet Warranty
  • Unlimited Lifetime Technical Support


DK Custom Products is proud to have Partnered Up with Fuel Moto to Provide the Best Customer Support for the Power Vision Flash Tuner & Target Tune.


Enhanced Custom Maps & Unlimited Technical Support




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Dynojet Target Tune is an optional accessory for Power Vision that adds a new dimension to Harley tuning.

Target Tune incorporates closed loop fuel control utilizing Bosch wideband O2 sensors into the HD-Delphi ECM.

Dynojet has evolved the OEM closed loop parameters and adaptive fuel control within the ECM to meet the needs of performance & tuning enthusiasts alike.


  • The Target Tune has many features.  The Two Outstanding are:
  • It allows you to set the desired AFR and no matter what throttle setting or RPM you are at, the TT will use the wideband O2 sensors to keep you at your Targeted AFR.  This makes a Huge difference in power & fuel economy.  A Difference that you can FEEL, and See when filling up.
  • Target Tune utilizes the included Wideband O2 Sensors, instead of the factory Narrowband O2 Sensors.  This means your bike is running in closed loop 100% of the time, and when you run Auto-Tune* with the TT you are able to dial in exactly the ideal tune at every throttle and RPM setting, instead of just in narrowband closed loop with the "Basic Auto-Tune" that comes with the Power Vision.  No More open loop where there is less control over the tune.
  • When ordering, you will be asked a few questions about your bike so that the correct Target Tune will be shipped to you, to work in conjunction with your Power Vision.
  • ALSO, if you have anything about your tune you do not like, decel pop, a flat spot at a certain RPM, etc., please enter that information in the "Notes:" field and we will make some adjustments to the tune for you.
  • When ordering you will be asked if you want the Full Target Tune Kit w/ Oxygen Sensors, or if you already have the Auto-Tune Pro and want to Upgrade it to the Target Tune.  
  • After you order, please email us ([email protected]) your current best Map that you are using with your Power Vision.  We will convert it for use with the Target Tune and email it back to you.  
  • For full details on the Power Vision, please click HERE.



  • Touring             2007-2023                                                    
  • Softail               2007-2020                                                     
  • Dyna                  2006-2017                                                    
  • Sportster          2007-2023
  • V Rod                2008-2017                                                     

Fitment Note:  The Target Tune Kit comes with Wideband O2 Sensors (18 mm) that need to be installed in your exhaust headers.  Many bikes already have 18 mm ports that these sensors can screw into.  If not, the kit includes two bungs that can be welded into your headers to accept the included Wideband O2 Sensors.

*Autotune does not work with 2021+ Models that have the Target Tune Installed.




"I have used just about every tuner on the market.  For the last several years I have been using the Power Vision, which surpasses all the other tuners on the market for ease of use and producing a great tune (plus I love the Touch Screen Gauge Cluster).  

I did not think it could get any better until I installed my Target Tune to work in conjunction with my Power Vision. With the TT it's absolutely amazing how much stronger my bike runs in every circumstance, as the Target Tune is constantly adjusting for all variables to provide the ideal tune." -Scotty


Caution:  Motorcycles modified with this High-Performance part may not be legal for public road use in some areas.  The user shall determine suitability of this product for his or her use.

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