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Fan Assisted LowMount Oil Cooler System for Harley Dyna Models

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Item #: DK-J-751-FP2500
Manufacturer: Jagg


Fan Assisted LowMount Oil Cooler System for Harley Dyna Models Harley-Davidson Motorcycles DK Custom High Flow Performance Dyna Cooler Running Motor Jagg HD 10 row Black





HyperFlow Technology

For 1991-Up Dyna Models

DK Custom Products Is Proud to Use & Recommend Jagg Oil Coolers



  • Ten Row, Two Pass Design for Superior Cooling
  • Exclusive WeatherTek Fan is Dust-tight & Waterproof
  • WeatherTek fan turns on automatically at 210*F and pulls 75cfm across cooler
  • Designed to cool at slow and stop-n-go the same as at highway speeds
  • LowMount Design for Dyna Models delivers a Stealth, low-profile look
  • Durable Black Powder Finish
  • HyperFlow Technology w/ in-line Turbulators
  • Thermostat Controlled
  • Anti-Rotation Device Included
  • Optional Braided Hose Kits
  • Complete Oil Cooler  Kit w/ Everything supplied for an E-Z BOLT-ON INSTALL
  • Step-by-Step Instruction Included


 Superior Quality, Style & Performance

 Cooler oil makes engines last longer!  The turbulators in each oil passageway gently stir oil, exposing it to more critical heat dissipation surface area for superior cooling with minimal oil pressure restriction.


At DK Custom Products we use Jagg Oil Coolers on our own Bikes, and are happy to make them available to our Customers. 

  • This Fan-Assisted oil cooler comes with a mounting bracket the puts the cooler down low, but still above the bottom of the frame.  Behind the front fender and below the regulator, it gets good air flow and fits all Dyna models from 1991-Up.
  • Keep a low profile, while cooling your Dyna's oil better performance & longevity.
  • The Fan-Assisted LowMount Oil Cooler's, Ten-tube, two-pass design is EXTREME PERFORMANCE in a Compact Package, providing significantly More cooling surface than our closest competitor. Special in-line turbulators add to the cooler's efficiency with minimal oil pressure loss or restriction.
  • Aluminum construction with durable powder coated finish. The Fan-Assisted LowMount is a High Performance oil radiator with smooth end caps that blend into the frame for a Stealth Look.
  • Jagg's unique thermostatically-controlled offset oil filter adapter provides an easy access point to the bike's oil supply for the installation of the oil cooler.
  • The Adapter is machined from two pieces of billet aluminum and installs between the bike's stock oil filter mount and the oil filter, and is designed with the same HyperFlow Technology as all Jagg components to ensure great performance as well as great flow characteristics.
  • The Fan-Assisted LowMount Oil Cooler Kit is supplied complete with all necessary hardware and detailed, easy-to-follow instructions.
  • Upgrade to a Braided Hose with Color Matched Hose Separators and Hose Finishers.  Available in Bright Stainless Steel Braid or Black Lightweight Fiber Braid.  Click HERE for full details on the Braided Hose options, or look at pictures above.


The Fan Assist is mounted to the Oil Cooler and pulls a Full 75cfm across the oil cooler, automatically turning on when oil temp hits 210*F.  The WeatherTek Fan is dust tight and water proof.  It is designed to give the same cooling benefits in slow traffic as highway riding!


Fitment:  This LowMount fits 1991-Up Dyna Models.  California models require relocation of the emissions canister.


These Charts showing normal operating temps are Directly from the Harley Manual:





Why Do We Use & Recommend Jagg Oil Coolers?

HyperFlow Technology is the engineered balance between performance and flow. It should first be described as a "systems" way of thinking.

Air flow, fins, oil flow, turbulators, brazing technology, metal finish, oil filter adapter design, thermostatic actuator, etc., are each components maximized to contribute to the overall system. It is only when each individual component is considered in relation to its contribution to the whole that a true systems approach can be claimed.


Frequently Asked Questions:

At what temperature does the automatic thermostatic by-pass operate?

The actuator begins to move at 185ºF. By 195ºF it is fully-actuated, plugging the by-pass hole, and directing 100 percent of the oil's flow to the oil cooler.

Which direction does oil flow in these oil coolers?

There is no "In" or "Out" on Jagg oil coolers. Whichever port the oil enters, it exits the other one.

Why do I need an oil filter adapter?

Oil filter adapters provide an easy way to access the motorcycle's oil supply for the installation of an oil cooler. Jagg oil filter adapters direct oil through the filter first and then to the cooler. This is especially important on the pressure side of the engine. This allows the warmer, thinner oil to flow easily across the oil filter, and then on to the oil cooler, and then send clean, cool oil to the engine.


These Charts showing normal operating temps are Directly from the Harley Manual:





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