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Harley Trikes - Convertible Comfort Lift™ for 14" Shocks

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Item #: DK-TRI-CNVT-LK-14
Manufacturer: DK Custom Products

 Tri-Glide Comfort Lift Kit Harley-Davidson DK Custom Products no more dragging pipes Level out




For Use With

14" Trike Series Shocks™


Harley-Davidson Tri-Glides (all years)

Freewheelers & FLHXXX

  Experience a More Comfortable (Plusher) Ride


~ Looks Better ~ Handles Better~ Rides Better ~

MADE in The USA!


DK Custom Products



  • Durable Black Powder Coat Finish
  • CNC Cut from American Steel 
  • The Convertible Comfort Lift™ Replaces the Stock Shock Bracket
  • Works with the Trike Series 14" Shocks on all years HD Trikes
  • Unique Design w/multiple lift heights to accommodate exhaust fitment & Taller Shocks
  • E-Z Install ~ Comes with Step-by Step Instructions
  • Made in The USA!


Click on this LINK to see the 14" Trike Series Shocks™


"The more you have a cantilever (angle) on your trikes shocks, the smoother the shocks will operate."

 George of Pro-Action Shocks


The 14" Convertible Comfort Lift™ Kit replaces the stock shock mounts of your Harley Trike WHEN you are using the 14" Trike Series Shocks.  It gives a net increase of 1.25" at the shocks and 1.6" at the rear of the bike.  This is the same amount of Lift as the Convertible Comfort Lift™ & the Standard Lift Kit when they are used with the factory length 13" shocks.  

The Convertible Part:  On some pre 2017's, and more 2017-Up HD Trikes, there can be a very close fitment between the swingarm and the exhaust with a full 1.25" Lift.

The Convertible Comfort Lift™ has a second set of mounting holes that allow you to try the full 1.25" lift first, and if there is a fitment issue, simply use the built-in secondary mounting holes. It takes 30 seconds to make the change!

The secondary mounting holes give you almost 1" lift at the shocks & close to 1.2" lift at the muffler ends.

Simple & Easy.  You end up with the Ideal lift for Your Trike, and all the benefits of a Comfort Lift™.

Combined with the 14" Trike Series Shocks, you will have a ride that you would have never thought possible on an HD Trike!





The 14" Convertible Comfort Lift™ works  with all Tri-Glides, Freewheelers, & FLHXXX Models that are using the 14" Trike Series Shocks.

These will work with your Stock Shocks, but at a smaller lift (of around .5" at the back of the Trike.  If you are not planning on getting 14" Trike Series Shocks in the future, then it would be best to get the Convertible Comfort Lift™ Kit for the factory 13" shocks.

LINK to the Convertible Comfort Lift™ Kit if you are running the factory length 13" Shocks.

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Experience a Plusher Ride on Your Harley Trike!!!


"I've finally reached my goal, that I have been working towards for over 100,000 miles of Tri-Glide riding, getting my Tri-Glide to float over ALL the bumps as smoothly as a Softail." Kevin


"Now that I’ve ridden with the (Comfort Lift™) lift kit, the road bumps seem surprisingly subdued plus my lower back muscles are more relaxed after 100 miles of travel." -Gene

Click on the link below for an article on Understanding Rake & Trail.

It explains the How & Why of the Improved handling experienced when using one of the DK Custom Comfort Lift™ Kits


Understanding Rake and Trail

Customer Reviews

A-Ma-Zing Review by Tom
The difference in the ride is nothing short of Amazing! I went with the stock brackets and the 14" shocks after taking off the lift brackets. The handling in the corners is remarkable. That is the first places I noticed it, the handling big bumps is greatly improved.

They are quite pricey, but if it stops the wife's complaints then its worth every penny! (Posted on 3/17/2021)
14" comfort lift bracket Review by Dale
I started with the standard lift brackets and stock 13" shocks.

Got the 14" shocks and lift brackets. Lost about 1" of height in the rear. This made steering worse.

Went back to stock shock mounting brackets and and 14" shocks, got back almost 1/4". I couldn't tell the difference in ride quality with the lift brackets.

(Posted on 2/7/2021)
just what i needed. Review by Jeff
no more bottoming out on the bumps. with the lift kit and new 14" shocks..perfect combo for a great day of riding. (Posted on 8/23/2020)
Goes without saying but..... Review by TerryTheTrollKiller
....installing this lift kit along with the shocks was the best upgrade I’ve done to my 2018 Triglide. I had the stock junk air shocks so the ride with the 14” shocks and lift kit was incredible. Much better than the late model stock shocks too. (Posted on 8/6/2020)
Great products Review by Big red
First the negative I would have liked your installation video to be a little more descriptive from start to finish on my 2016 tri glide I needed to loosen my exhaust to get the holes to line up but in all fairness the written instructions did say this was a possibility. I’m a good size fella with meat hooks for hand so it was really tight to work on. I believe if I had to do it again I would remove the truck but that’s just me. Now the good stuff the ride is everything I hoped for and more I can’t believe the change just going down the street living in northern Indiana our roads that a beating from Mother Nature so I’m used to rough roads but now it’s sooo much nicer. The real unexpected change for me is cornering and turning it’s like go from a car with manual steering to one with power steering it’s amazing. Thx for all you do for we riders and oh by the way my wive says her ass thanks you to (Posted on 8/3/2020)
Worth the money Review by ksufan05
Easy to install with installation video. Excellent quality, powder coating is exceptional. The ride is smoother and bumps are less noticeable. The wife is happy. THANKS DK!! (Posted on 8/1/2020)
Well worth my time and money. Review by Ksufan05
This lift has made our trike more comfortable and manageable around turns. My really enjoys the fact that bumps are not as bad as before thus making the ride more pleasurable. (Posted on 8/1/2020)
Great product Review by Tri Glide Pete
Easy to install, very in depth installation video.
The quality of, is second to none. Powder coating is exceptional. Will be ordering the 14 inch shocks soon. THANKS DK!! (Posted on 3/31/2020)

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