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MacAir - Complete Bolt-On Air Ride System for Harley Trikes

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DK Custom MacAir - Complete Bolt-On Air Ride System for Harley Trikes Freewheeler Air Shock Adjustable Dirty Air  Tricky Air  Motor Trike  Legend Air




Harley-Davidson Tri-Glides & Freewheelers

  Experience a New Level of Comfort

Hassle-Free Adjustment of Rear Shock Air Pressure


Every Road Condition & Load


MADE in The USA!


DK Custom Products



  • Adjust Shock Air Pressure While Riding
  • Waterproof Switch For Fingertip Control
  • Easy to Read Rubber-Isolated Dial Gauge
  • External Air Port for Airing up Tires
  • Pre-Wired - Pre-Assembled - Pressure Tested
  • Wires & Hose Protected in Waterproof Cloth Loom
  • Durable Powder Coat Finish to Main Unit Box
  • E-Z Install does Not alter any OEM Wiring or Hoses
  • Top Quality Brass Fittings, Check Valves & Poly Hose 
  • Ultimate in Riding Comfort - Regardless of Road Condition or Load
  • Works with the Stock Shocks & Aftermarket Air Shocks
  • Also works with Both Comfort & Standard Lift Kits 
  • Comes with Step-by Step Installation Instructions (& Pictures)
  • Made in The USA!



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The MacAir Ride System gives you fingertip control of the air in your shocks, it can also be used to check/adjust air pressure in your tires (or your riding buds tires).  Keeping the correct PSI in your tires gives them Longer Life, & gives you Better MPG and a Safer & Better Handling Ride!

No more guessing on air pressure in your shocks!  With a simple flick of the switch you control the quality of your ride, no matter what the road conditions or load on the Trike!  Forget about having to stop riding, removing the side panel, unscrewing the valve cap, finding the pump...that is all history!

The MacAir System has a built-in, adjustable, Safety stop to prevent overfilling your shocks.  There is also an adjustable pressure release, so you can control the speed at which you release air from the shocks.  This gives you the ability to fine tune your ride in small increments...because as little as a 2 lbs. difference in PSI can make a significant difference in the quality of the ride.

The above two adjustments are already set at the optimum for Harley Trikes when shipped.  However, they are user adjustable, via an easy turn of the knob.

Even at full Duty Cycle (like when airing up a car tire) the heat generated is less than a 2 degree increase in the Trunk.  The External Air Port and Coiled Hose tuck out of sight, in-between the MacAir Box and side of the trunk when not in use.



The MacAir Bolt-On Air Ride System comes fully Wired, Assembled & Pressure Tested.  It is ready to bolt into your Trike!  Ease of Installation was a Top Priority while designing The MacAir, & the included Step-by-Step Instructions walk you, or your mechanic, through the installation process. No specials tools are required in the 60-75 minute installation.

The Waterproof Air Control Switch mounts in the dash through a 1/4" hole that is drilled.  The Main Unit is mounted in the Trunk via an existing bolt.  The wires & hose exit the Trunk, housed in a S.A.E. grade Waterproof Loom, and a Military Grade Waterproof grommet, through a 1 1/6" hole that is drilled. There are 4 easy bullet connections, under the seat, where the Air Control Switch wires meet the Fused battery connection and wires from the Main Unit. (the Freewheeler already has an existing port that the waterproof loom gets fed through).

The tank does not need to be removed, the body does not need to be removed.  Only the left rear tire & Fairing Cap are removed during installation on the Tri-Glide.  On the Freewheeler, the tire is Not removed, nor the console.  All OEM wiring and hoses are Not touched, staying in OEM condition.  



Every Component in the MacAir System is Top Tier Quality.  From the all brass fittings, to the compressor, to the check valves, the solenoid, the waterproof switch, the brass PTC connections, even the Poly hose instead of nylon hose. We used the best components for long reliable service.

The Trunk in the Tri-Glide is 4.3 Cubic Feet, and the MacAir Box is .17 Cubic Feet.  It takes up less than 4% of the Trunk Space on the Tri-Glide and less than 9% of the Trunk Space in the Freewheeler.  

Every corner & edge of the MacAir Box are radiused for protection of whatever you put in the trunk from ripping or catching.  



Designed for Tri-Glides & Freewheelers.

The MacAir will also work on any Trike (or Bike) with air shocks, that uses a 12 volt battery system, and has room for the mounting of the 9" x 4.75" x 7" Main Unit.

Also available - Builders Kit for any 3 wheeled or 2 wheeled Motorcycle.  Click HERE to see it.

The Ultimate In Air Ride Control!!!


"Just got back from my first trip with the MacAir installed. It was awesome!!

Its great being able to add some pressure to the shocks for some "spirited" curves, and then lower it back down to a Cadillac like ride the rest of the time without ever stopping." - Scott


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