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Pro-Action / DK Custom 14" Deluxe Touring Shocks For Harley Touring Models

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Item #: DK-SHK-14-TMD
Manufacturer: Pro-Action/DK Custom

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14 INCH MAX-TRAVEL™ SHOCKS Harley-Davidson TOURING MODELS Pro-Action/DK Custom


 Harley-Davidson DK Custom Products no more dragging pipes Level out Pro-Action/DK Custom Trike Series Shocks Max-Travel 14"





For Harley-Davidson







Features & Specs:

  • CNC machined T6061 aircraft quality billet aluminum
  • 3 stage incrementally pressure sensitive self adjusting compression valving
  • 2 stage pressure sensitive rebound system
  • Light weight-under 2 lbs.
  • Nitrogen gas charged with coil over spring
  • Hard coat anodized
  • 12 port high flow piston
  • 14" Shocks - Longest travel  
  • Hand adjustable threaded spring pre load adjuster
  • Externally adjustable free bleed control
  • Stainless steel spherical bearings in shock eye 
  • Sold as a Pair
  • Max-Travel™ Specifically for HD Touring Models
  • Proprietary charging system
  • Easy Installation
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty


 A Break-Through in Harley-Davidson Touring Suspension

See Full Report HERE

Custom Tuned to Your Bike & Your Riding Style/Loads


  • Co-Developed with DK Custom Products, these 14" Pro-Action Deluxe Touring Shocks are a Break-Through in Ride Quality for Harley-Davidson Touring Models.
  • Designed Specifically for 2-up Riding or Solo riders of 300#'s or more.  If you ride only solo, and weigh less than 300#'s, the 13" Pro-Action Shocks at this Link will give just as good of a ride.
  • With More Travel, afforded by the 14" Shocks, the ability to eat up small and large bumps, turning the harshest jolt into a smooth dip is un-matched.
  • The T6061 Billet aluminum bodies house a unique 3-stage progressive valving system for compression, and a 2 stage rebound system.  Coupled with "fit to you" coil over springs that have an adjustable pre-load, you will be amazed how much smoother and more stable your Bike will ride.
  • These Shocks are 14 inches tall.  Designed to work with the DK Custom 1" Lowering brackets, they not only give you the most suspension travel available for an HD Touring Bike, you will be sitting no higher than you are with your 13" shocks.
  • When you order you will be asked some easy questions.  Your answers give us the information needed to use the correct spring rate for your shocks, as well as giving us the info needed to adjust the pre-load and rebound for you.  This way when you receive the shocks they are already set-up for you.  If you already have Coil-Over specific 1" Lowering Blocks, simply bolt them on and ride! 


See the Shocks in Action



Fits all 2009-Up Harley-Davidson Touring Models* 

*If you do not already have 1" Lowering Blocks, made for Coil Over Springs, you will need them.  

You can get them at this LINK, or you can click HERE to see our Special Package that has both the 14" Shocks and the Lowering Blocks.

Note if you have a trailer hitch:  If your hitch mounts to the outside of the fender, there may be interference with the shocks, and it would be better to get the 13" shocks at this LINK.

If your trailer hitch mounts to the underside of the fender, there should be no inteference and you can run these shocks.

Note: We have not yet tested fitment of the shocks with Lowering Blocks on models that have the leather bags, so it is unknown if they will fit currently.  Fitment has only been tested on Touring Models with Hard Bags and Stock Size Tires.  

If you have oversized slip-ons, or slip-ons that do not have the indent near the axle that stock slip-ons have, you may have contact with the slip-ons at that point.

When mounting these with lowering blocks it changes the angle of the shock slightly.  Make sure docking hardware for sissy bars and Tour-Paks, and any other add-ons, do not come in contact with the shock body when the shocks is fully compressed.  This is usually not an issue, but with some quick-release set-ups there can be contact.

Oversized tires may hit the fender on hard bumps.

Not all Lowering Blocks are the same.  These shocks require Lowering Blocks specifically designed for Coil Over Spring Shocks.



Limited Life Time Warranty Details:

Only for the original purchaser of the shocks
Does not cover accidents, fire, environmental catastrophes (submerged in a flood, etc.) 
Does not cover if the shocks were abused (overloading them), improper installation
If they are installed properly, not overloaded, not damaged by some external force, then they are Lifetime shocks for the original purchaser....if they wear out, they will be rebuilt/replaced  at no charge.

 Click HERE to see our Testing Video with Live Charts.

Click HERE for More Information on our Testing of Performance Rear Shocks


"I was getting ready to buy some shocks for my Ultra, and was fortunate to be able to test ride a bike with the Pro-Action/DK Custom 14" Shocks.  WOW!  What a great ride.  

My wife could not be more happy with how much better our Ultra-Classic feels going down the road.  Thank you!" Ray



Click the Rear Shocks Test Report Link below, to learn more about How shocks work. 

Also included in the report are charts, showing performance results of stock, middle of the road, and top performing shocks on many Harley-Davidson Models.


Rear Shocks Test Report

Video of Testing With Live Charts


Understanding the How and Why's of Rear Tire Pressure on Trikes.


Lehman Trikes Correct Tire Pressure

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