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Silver Bullet Jewelry 9x19mm Parabellum & Skull Red Eyes Necklace

Availability: In stock
Item #: DK-SBJ-RESK-NL-9mm
Manufacturer: Silver Bullet Jewelry

Silver Bullet Jewelry DK Custom Products Biker Harley Choker Necklace earrings bracelet key chain



  • 9x19mm Parabellum
  • Two Skulls w/ Red Eyes
  • Beads (varies)
  • 24" Leather Necklace w/ clasp
  • Brass/Copper Color
  • Full Metal Jacket
  • Made in The USA

24" leather necklace with skulls, beads and a 9mm round.  The primer is intact, but expended.

You can cut down the leather to make it a shorter "choker" style if you wish.

Makes a Great Gift!


These are hand-made by an old-school biker, for Bikers. 

Each one is a little different, some are one of a kind. They all are very close to the photos shown, the main variance is in the beads used.

They are Not hypoallergenic, nor do they have a "Tiffany" finish. 

They do go great with the smell of Sweat, Leather and Burning Rubber (& gunpowder).


Note: Manage your expectations.  These are hand-made by one cantankerous, gruff, life-time biker.  He has been making biker jewelry for years now, and agreed to make some for us.

What we have in stock is what we can sell. He will try and keep up with demand, but if we run out, we do not take back-orders, you will need to wait until they are back in stock to order.

We cannot  accommodate requests for any specific variation.

The beads & skulls are plated, and with time, where they touch the skin, may show signs of wear.

There are NO exchanges or refunds on Jewelry.  No Exceptions.




****Please check your local laws & regulations.  Attention AUSTRALIA Customers:  Please do not order products that contain casing & bullets (i.e. keychains & necklaces).  Australian customs will confiscate the shipment.   Please feel free to order the CUT bullet products (i.e. stud earrings & bracelets).  We've had no problems with Australia Customs on these items.****

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