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Twin Adjustable Dyna - Performance Rear Shocks For Harley-Davidson

Regular Price: 625.00

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Item #: DK-BT-DYNA
Manufacturer: Bitubo

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Regular Price: 625.00

Special Price 595.00

DK Custom Twin Adjustable - Performance Rear Shocks For Harley-Davidson More Comfortable Ride suspension Bitubo







 Dyna Models

Features & Specs:

  • CNC machined 
  • Quality Billet Aluminum Alloy Heads
  • High Resistance Steel Alloy Bodies
  • Separated Nitrogen/Oil System
  • E-Z Pre-load Adjustment
  • E-Z Rebound Dampening Adjustment (see photo's)
  • Internal Reservoir with Coil Over Spring (they can be run upside down)
  • Longer travel  
  • 11", 12" & 13" lengths
  • Hand Adjustable Threaded Spring Pre-load 
  • Fully Rebuildable
  • Easy Installation 
  • Works with Standard Lift & Comfort Lift on Trikes 
  • Sold as a Pair
  • 2 Year Warranty - USA Service 
  • Made in Italy


 DK Custom Products has tested numerous aftermarket shocks over an 8 month period.  We've logged well over 50,000 miles on a variety of bikes and trikes, covering an array of road condtions, loads and speeds.   All this, while paying close attention to ride quality with the various shocks.  

Additionally, we spent 2 days testing various shocks on a Shock Dynamometer, measuring compression, rebound, spring rates and travel. (see photo)

Unless you go to a custom reservoir type shock, (costing over $1500), we don't believe you can get a better ride than from these Bitubo Internal Reservoir Shocks for your Harley-Davidson. 

FXR Owners-These do not fit the FXR mount point.


Custom Tuned to Your Bike & Your Riding Style/Loads


  • These Top of the Line Shocks give superior ride quality.  Not only do they smooth out the bumps, large & small, it is amazing how much more stable your bike/trike will feel going thru the curves.  It is confidence inspiring.
  • Nitrogen pressurized with a oil/gas separating piston, these dual chambered shocks improves riding comfort and vehicle control thanks to the internal hydraulic system. The large adjustment Rebound range offers excellent performance in every riding condition.  Coupled with coil over springs that have an adjustable pre-load, you will be amazed how much smoother and more stable your bike/trike will ride.
  • These Twin Adjustable Shocks are available in 3 lengths: 11", 12" & 13".  The travel is 1.7", 2.7" & 3.7" respectively.  Combined with less sag than the stock shocks, this gives an average of 33% - 50% MORE Travel. (Unless otherwise requested, we will send the OEM length shocks for your bike to you) NOTE: We do not recommend, or carry, 11" shocks for Touring models.
  • When you order you will be asked some easy questions.  Your answers give us the information needed to use the correct springs for your shocks, as well as giving us the info needed to adjust the pre-load and rebound for you.  This way when you receive the shocks they are already set-up for you.  Simply bolt them on and ride! 
  • You can Lower or Increase the Height of your Bike by requesting a different Length Shock.  Please tell us what length shocks you have, and what length shocks you would like us to send you.


Click HERE for More Information on our Testing of Performance Rear Shocks


" After personally testing, on 2 wheels & 3, and in the lab. Thousands of miles of riding on 13 different sets of shocks, letting other folks ride my bikes, and give their input, the comparison between these shocks and the stock shocks are not even in the same universe.

These shocks swallow up the bumps.  They are easily adjusted for a plush, comfy ride, and can be stiffened up for an aggressive ride.  In all instances there is no wallowing, all road irregularities are smoothed out, and the tires stay planted on the road for great control."-Kevin

Click the Rear Shocks Test Report Link below, to learn more about How shocks work. 

Also included in the report are charts, showing performance results of stock, middle of the road, and top performing shocks on many Harley-Davidson Models.

Rear Shocks Test Report


Understanding the How and Why's of Rear Tire Pressure on Trikes.

Lehman Trikes Correct Tire Pressure

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