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Twin Cam & M8 Discrete Head Breather System Touring Softail Dyna

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Item #: DK-TC-BRT
Manufacturer: DK Custom Products

Twin Cam Discrete Head Breather System Touring Softail Dyna DK Custom Harley Davidson High Flow EBS Outlaw M-8 Milwaukee-Eight Stage I Trike Tri Glide Freewheeler Big Twin Evo

 Discrete & Flexible Breather System




DK Custom Products



  • Fits almost All Air Cleaner Systems
  • Allows Discrete Placement of the supplied filter
  • Chrome Washable Reuseable Filter - flexible placement
  • Includes 6 feet of hose for maximum flexibility in filter placement
  • All needed hardware
  • Turn-Key System


In the picture below you can see one of many different places you can affix the filter.  Please look at the additional pictures at the bottom to see how discrete this external breather system is.

Twin Cam Discrete Head Breather System Touring Softail Dyna 


An external Breather Kit is preferred with any Air Cleaner System.  This allows for only clean cool air to go into the air cleaner and engine, increasing performance and engine longevity.  This kit will work with the OUTLAW HiFlow 587 & 425 Air Cleaners and most other aftermarket Stage 1 Air Cleaners*.  It can even be used with the stock air cleaner.

The EPA has required Harley to route hot, dirty, oily crankcase air back into the air cleaner compromising the performance of your engine. This vents it without compromising the performance and longevity of your motor.

With this breather system you will experience a slight performance increase.  This is because engines like Cold Dry air!

E-Z Install

Fits All Twin Cam & Milwaukee-Eight Models - 2000-Up Touring & Softail, 1999-Up Dyna


*If your air cleaner system will accept the Stock OEM breather bolts, then this breather kit will allow you to route the hot oily air to the supplied filter that you can place anywhere you like.  Will also work with any air cleaner system that has breather bolts with a nipple on the end to accept the supplied hose.

Filter may, or may not, have a small loop in it.  This does not affect the aesthetics or installation choices. 


Caution:  Motorcycles modified with this DK Custom Products High-Performance part may not be legal for public highway use in some areas.  The user shall determine suitability of this product for his or her use.

Larry’s Discrete Head Breather System on 2015 Tri-Glide with Rushmore A/C with the Stock Cover

(also used a Vented Chrome Catch-Can, which you can see HERE)


Hope this will help someone else with their installation.


The pictures are as follows:



#1 - K&N air filter with nylon plug in hole where stock hose was.




#2 -  Stock hoses connected to hoses in kit, and exiting bottom of air filter housing through hole I had to drill.





#3 - Hose running on top of cam cover. ( I put a piece of split nylon wire wrap over rubber hose to protect it from heat and rubbing )




#4 - Hose routed on left side of oil pressure switch.





#5 - Hose routed on left side of rear brake control cylinder.




#6 - Hose coming straight down and secured with wire tie. Catch can is very secure and easy to access.





#7 Air filter installed. There is plenty of room for it and the breather hoses. Works great, and I think it looks fairly good.


Customer Reviews

Very good product Review by Ken
Highly recommend the DK Customs EBS. Good value and easy installation. (Posted on 12/1/2020)
Well worth the price. Review by Mark D.
Used the stock bolt, drilled a hole in the bottom of the stock air box and ran the hose down the front and attached it near the floor board.
So far so good. Getting the dirty oily air out of the engine instead of back is much better.
Excellent idea. Shipping FAST!!!!
Will order the tank lift and trike lift next!!!
Works as described.
Thank you DK!!
Mark D.
17 Tri Glide. (Posted on 11/15/2020)
Air filter should stay cleaner Review by Jaybo
Last stock air filter was caked with oil and debris to where it had to be replaced. I can see this system helping alleviate this problem. Like other reviews most time is deciding where to install. (Posted on 11/10/2020)
DK twin Cam breather Review by Ken
I could have gone around and found things, but it was all there, ready to go in a simple click. Works good, (FLHX) routed breather under frame between engine and transmission. It’s out of sight and works great! (Posted on 10/19/2020)
Quality product Review by Craig F
I got this crank case breather and a2.5 Tank Lift Kit with thunder torque inserts every thing went on very easy and my Dyna fat bob never looked so good.Bike runs better and sounds great I can’t thank DK customs enough. (Posted on 9/30/2020)
A Must have for your M8 Review by Laurence Parker - Jersey CI
I have a 2020 low rider S and often got an oil smell from the intake after a ride - reading up (and as a happy customer of DK) I knew this breather kit was what I needed.
When I got this breather Kit and installed it I was amazed at how much oilY residue was already smeared over the inlet - so glad I got this kit - runs better and gives peace of mind. Well done guys - great products and awesome service yet again - L (Posted on 9/8/2020)
Great product Review by Denis
Product was as described,real easy to install,the most complicated task is to decide where you install the filter,routed it to under the oil tank on my heritage,you hardly notice it. (Posted on 8/4/2020)
Perfect Review by Aaron
My air filter was getting drenched with engine oil and this completely solved the problem. Customer service was outstanding! (Posted on 7/7/2020)
Updating my review from earlier Review by ZooMan55
So after running this setup for a while, I was getting some dripping oil escaping from the front breather bolt to tube connection. It was messing up the right side of my engine and exhaust. When I requested help, Dwayne sent a helpful tip to make sure the tube was very square cut and zip tie it to the breather bolt. When I went to do that, I remembered that I had left the original equipment tubes to the two breather bolts and just hooked on to the "T connector. THIS IS A MISTAKE FOLKS! DON'T DO IT!!!.

The molded factory tube can't be zip tied, and it doesn't fit tight enough to force the oily air through the long tube up and over the engine and down to the new filter under the bike.

I removed the factory tube, used the supplied tubes and "T" connector and zip tied every joint. It is all tight and the only place for that air to go now is up and over and out the bottom.

Thanks to Dwayne for the good tip and to the rest of you . . . use all the fittings they give you and enjoy a cleaner installation. (Posted on 5/15/2020)
Does what it says Review by PigDog
Excellent customer service from DK. Keeps the engine breathing clean cool air - makes a big difference when you ride around on a high comp engine with warm ambient temperatures. (Posted on 5/3/2020)
good Review by SWC
Not sure how the stock bolts would work, I already had the L-bolts. Would recommend using the L-bolts. very happy with the quality.
very easy to install (Posted on 3/9/2020)
Perfect kit Review by Greg G.
Reasonable price for everything needed. I used theT and sent both breather lines through a hole I drilled the the back of the air cleaner to another hose . Ran that hose back to my oil dipstick area. Works perfectly! No more dirty air or oil in my air cleaner. (Posted on 12/27/2019)
Great addition to my trike to eliminate an oily mess Review by ZooMan55
This is a very good quality kit. I didn't totally understand what it did and why until I took it all apart. The inside of the air box was full of oil! This is gonna be a great change and I understand helps power.
I wound up only using the small tube of the whole kit. I drilled a hole through the back of the air cleaner base and turned the stock T fitting pointing straight toward the engine. Ran the tube forward up along the fuel lines, down along the downtime with two other lines already there, behind the oil cooler and under the engine. There is a recess there and I zip tied it to the side pipe. In the end, I did install the filter on that tube, but you wouldn't have to. Bottom line is, one six foot piece of tubing will do the same job. That said, the kit is very complete and not that expensive, so no real down side other than paying a little more than i would have to if I'd understood the concept before I started. (Posted on 11/29/2019)
Good product, better customer service. Review by Gene S
Their product was delivered fast and was exactly as shown in the photos. Installation was easy. I had two separate questions, called twice and both times the phones were answered in a timely manner and the concerns were handled quickly. (Posted on 10/7/2019)
Nice kit Review by Tony
This kit is nice, good quality stuff. You might be able to piece a kit together to save a few bucks but you’re going to be back and forth from the auto parts and hardware store several times and spend more in gas money than you will save. Easy install with factory breather bolts and plenty of tube to put it wherever you want it. (Posted on 9/11/2019)
External breather system Review by Ken Ryan
Installed this product after my Harley service adviser told me it is within spec to eat up to a quart every 1000 miles. My 2019 trike was a dog after it warmed up and riding in 95+ degree weather. I have a stage one and two with a low torque cam. After I installed the kit I get better fuel mileage and the bike is no longer a dog once it gets hot. And the best thing of all I don’t have oil on the side of my bike or on my pant leg. Thank you DK for all your help. (Posted on 7/29/2019)
External breather kit Review by Toolman
DK Customs is the best. I placed an order online and recurved a call from them making sure that what I ordered would fit my application. Good thing,cuz I ordered wrong kit but they got me squared away and shipped quick. Kit is awesome. Easy to install. Quality product from a great company (Posted on 7/15/2019)
Awesome little kit Review by Downshifter
Easy to install and works great! (Posted on 6/13/2019)
Easy Breathin Review by Ironhead Spence
Great kit. I reroute every head breather I own and friends/family bikes that I work on. This kit has everything you need! Great stuff, thanks DK (Posted on 4/10/2019)
Easy made simple Review by Thumper
Pretty simple setup and assembly and hardest part was deciding where to put the filter
quality parts and easy instructions
(Posted on 3/30/2019)
DK makes it easy for you... Review by solattttttt
The eaxact parts I looked so long and hard for but never found.
Maybe I din’t know where to look for them. So I gave up and DK hooked me up with what I knew would work and for a price I could live with.
Parts are best quality. So no need to worry about that.
Easy to follow instruction are always packaged with priducts and pdf on line too
Thanks DK (Posted on 2/2/2019)

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