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Ultimate Sportster Heat Reduction


Choose any combination of the below mods equalling $400 or

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Ultimate Heat Reduction for Sportster

Felt Heat & Engine Heat


If you're wanting to be more comfortable along with having better performance, simply reducing heat (both felt heat & engine heat) will get you there. 


Below are the things that, when combined, will get you the

Ultimate Sportster Heat Reduction


Felt Heat-


Engine Heat-


Felt Heat Reduction



Highway Pegs

DK Custom Products Harley Sportster Dyna Stealth Adjustable Highway Peg Mounting Kit Chrome Black



  • Get your boots/feet/legs away from the engine

  • Stretch out your legs


Simply having highway pegs gives you the ability to stretch your legs out and get them away from the engine heat and exhaust.


DK Custom Chrome Floorboards Mid or Forward Mount Sportster Dyna Softail Harley-Davidson Fold Up forward or mid controls Black



  • Get your boots/feet/legs further away from the engine & exhaust

  • Larger platform for adjusting


Much like highway pegs, floorboards give the rider more room to adjust with their larger platform and get their legs away from the engine heat and exhaust. 



Engine Heat Reduction


Gas Tank Lift




  • Allows more airflow around top of engine

  • Plus of less air coming up & around tank, hitting the rider

  • Plus of easier cleaning of top of engine


Lifting the tank up off of the engine will assist in cooling since less air will be coming up over the tank and will instead be flowing under the tank and around the top of the engine. This will also mean less air hitting the rider and easier cleaning of your motor! It’s a win-win!

Coil Relocation

 07-Up Coil and Ignition (key) Relocation DK Custom Harley-Davidson wire tuck better air flow runs cooler M-8 Milwaukee-Eight Softail Twin Cam Sportster Roadster Dyna  Touring Trike Freewheeler 72 48 Big Twin Evo Nightster



  • Unblocks air flow over the top of the front cylinder

  • Puts coil out in the wind instead of being a heat sink above the front cylinder


With the coil relocated to the left side of the engine, airflow is no longer blocked to the rear cylinder and your coil is out in the wind. 



Oil Filter Relocation

CnC Oil Filter Relocation Kit Harley Davidson DK Custom  Sportster  Dyna Softail  Cooler Running Motor easy oil changes



  • Puts filter in the wind

  • Plus of mess-free oil changes


By relocating your oil filter, either mounting it on the downtube (Sportster, Dyna, & Softail) or tucked high and tight under the left side passenger floorboard, it’s now out in the wind and will help in cooling. Plus, there will be no more mess when it’s time to change your oil!

Permanent Oil Filter

OUTLAW High Performance Cleanable Oil Filter in Anodized Black Twin Cam Harley-Davidson Softail Dyna Touring Trike Freewheeler High Flow High Performance Superior Filtration Increased HP Torque Engine Cooler Premium



  • Billet housing aids in lower oil temps

  • 7 times more oil flow than paper filters

  • Cleanable & Reusable


This is the last oil filter you will ever need to buy. Not only is it cleanable,  its billet housing fins help lower oil temps via heat dissipation. It also flows much more oil than standard paper filter and its integrated magnet prefilters the oil. 

Oil Cooler

Deluxe Oil Cooler System for Harley-Davidson Motorcycles DK Custom High Flow Performance Sportster  Dyna Softail Touring Trike Freewheeler Big Twin Evo Milwaukee Eight Cooler Running Motor Jagg HD


It’s crucial to performance and engine longevity to cool down your oil.   At DK Custom Products we use Jagg Oil Coolers on our own Bikes, and are happy to make them available to our Customers. The turbulators in each oil passageway gently stir oil, exposing it to more critical heat dissipation surface area for superior cooling with minimal oil pressure restriction.


Why Do We Use & Recommend Jagg Oil Coolers?

HyperFlow Technology is the engineered balance between performance and flow. It should first be described as a "systems" way of thinking.

Air flow, fins, oil flow, turbulators, brazing technology, metal finish, oil filter adapter design, thermostatic actuator, etc., are each components maximized to contribute to the overall system. It is only when each individual component is considered in relation to its contribution to the whole that a true systems approach can be claimed.


Choose any combination of the above mods equalling $400 or more total

and Use Coupon Code:


in Checkout to SAVE $20 on Your Order!