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FAQ's On Speedometer Relocation Kits





Speedometer Relocations Kits

For Sportsters & some Dyna Models


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How to tell if our speedometer relocation will work on any certain bike?

       If you are unsure as to whether or not your speedometer or indicator lights will work with our bracket, there is a simple way of checking.

       Our Bracket for the Speedometer is 3.5” inner diameter and 2.5” tall. You will simply measure your actual speedometer (once it is out of the housing) and make sure it will fit.

       With the Indicator lights bracket, you will need to look at your current indicator lights setup, and make sure they have the same light pattern as in the picture below.



If your bike does not have the correct light pattern, there are a couple of options. You can either get the kit without the indicator lights bracket attached as seen at this LINK.

Or you can purchase a set of indicator lights from Harley that will work. That will run you about $90. We have also had customers report they only used (3) parts from HD, and about $20-$30 to switch those incorrect indicator lights over to the correct ones. They bought the parts, and it took them about 8 minutes to change them over. You only need part numbers 68516-95 (Housing), 68513-95A (Bezel), and 2325 (Two screws to hold it together).

On the 2014-Up CanBus Sportsters, it is much easier and suggested to use the bracket with the Speedometer and indicator lights in one bracket as seen in this LINK.

This is due to the fact that there is normally not enough wire length to keep the indicator lights up top and have the speedometer off the side of the tank.



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