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Force Flow Fan Test Report

Test Data on Jim's Force Flow Fan


We put off testing this fan for well over a year.  We did not think it would work that well.

However, we were told that it did work well at cooling down the engine, so we took the time to test it on two different bikes.

An Air-Cooled 103 and a Twin-Cooled (wethead) 103.

These Charts showing normal operating temps are Directly from the Harley Manual:






We were pleasantly surprised by how well it works.

Even though both of these bikes already had a full compliment of Cooling Components installed, this fan did a great job of lowering the temps even more! 

To do the testing we removed the fans that were already installed on these bikes, and when we did, in certain situations the temps were getting too high for optimum performance, and getting into the range were accelerated wear was occurring.

By Switching on the Force Flow Fan the temps came right down into the optimum range....both for Performance and Engine Longevity.

Check Out the Data Below-