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Ultimate Sportster Comfort

 Ultimate Comfort Mods


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Comfort is a Must when Riding.

Being Comfortable & Safe Go Together, Hand in Hand.


Being comfortable means riding longer, fully enjoying each ride, and not ending the day fatigued.


When talking comfort on Your Sportster, below are the things that, when combined, will give you the

Ultimate Sportster Comfort





Gas Tank Lift




  • Less “wind buffeting” 

  • Cooler Engine (less heat felt by rider)

  • Bonus of Easier Cleaning of engine


A tank lift will reduce “wind buffeting” felt by the rider, as lifting the tank will allow less air going over the tank, redirecting that air to the engine. Lifting the tank also give an added bonus of easier cleaning of the top of your engine and, though Sportster doesn't typically have a heat problem, it will help with cooling down the engine. Less wind buffeting and a cooler engine will mean more comfort for the rider!


Solo Seats




  • Change in seat height & contour, putting butt in a more comfortable position

  • Feel less bumps when riding

  • With the Optional Adjustable Adapter you gain 2 inches of movement of the seat forward or rearward. This allows you to dial in the ideal seating position in relationship to the grips and footpegs.


Getting your butt in the right position is the first step to getting the Ultimate Comfort when riding. You may be happy with your current seat, or you may want to look into getting a Solo Seat. They are much more comfortable than the traditional seats, and whether with the springs or solo seat shocks, they minimize the bumps felt when riding. 


DK Custom Chrome Floorboards Mid or Forward Mount Sportster Dyna Softail Harley-Davidson Fold Up forward or mid controls Black



  • Gives feet a solid platform

  • Rubber mat/insert provides vibration isolation & grip

  • No wind pushing at bottom of boot while at speed

  • Easier Shifting/Adjusting weight while riding

  • Increased Lean Angle over OEM footpegs


Once you’ve gotten your butt in the right place and comfortable, it’s time to look at foot placement/comfort. Floorboards give a more solid platform for your feet and provide good grip in wet and dry weather. The rubber mat also helps to isolate vibration in your feet. Eliminating the wind pushing up at the bottom of your boot will be much more comfortable and especially useful on those long rides. Adjusting your weight while on those long rides is also much easier with floorboards. 

Comfortable Footpegs

DK Custom Pinned BMX FootPeg Harley Trap traction pin Outlaw Foot pegs Shock absorbing ISO Isolator



  • Better Grip

  • More Range of Adjustment

  • More Solid Platform


If floorboards aren’t your style, you’d be surprised by what a difference a pair of footpegs with more grip and a solid platform can make in rider comfort. Being able to make various adjustments, and having the ability to have rotating pegs is a big plus when trying to get your feet in the right place that best suits You.

Heel Rests

Powder Black Heel Rest Bracket & Arm Kit HARLEY DAVIDSON DK Custom Sportster Dyna Softail Second Foot Peg Forward Controls Highway



  • More Relaxed Feet/Ankles

  • More Comfort for Longer Rides

  • Multiple Foot Positions Available
  • Reduces Fatigue


Another significant factor of Ultimate Comfort when riding is whether or not you have a heel rest. Especially when taking longer rides, heel rests can make a substantial difference in ankle/foot comfort. You’ll have the ability to give your feet a rest which will help reduce overall fatigue giving the Ultimate Comfort when riding.

Highway Pegs

DK Custom Products Harley Sportster Dyna Stealth Adjustable Highway Peg Mounting Kit Chrome Black



  • Stretch Your Legs

  • Adjustable to You & Your Bike


Highway pegs are a must and mounting options range from footpeg clamps that mount to your engine guard to the Stealth Adjustable Highway Peg Mounting Kit, which is your answer if you do not have/want an engine guard/crash bar. Having highway pegs, much like heel rests, are especially useful for those long rides and for those who ride daily on the commute to work. Much like the heel rests, highway pegs help to reduce overall fatigue for more riding comfort and enjoyment.

Handlebar Riser Extensions

DK Custom Stealth Handlebar Riser Extension Harley Davidson 48 Forty Eight Sportster



  • Raises Bars 

  • Slightly Tilts Bars back

  • Relieves Strain in Shoulders & Back

  • More Clearance for Tank Lift


The right handlebar position can make all the difference in ride comfort, relieving strain in your shoulders, neck, back, arms, and wrist by putting your hands in a more serene position for You. Handlebar placement and position varies widely from rider to rider and bike to bike.

How can you find the most comfortable bar position for you? 

This is the tried and true way:

  • Sit on your bike

  • Have someone hold it up straight for you

  • Put your feet on the pegs

  • Close your eyes

  • Put your hands out to where it is most comfortable to hold them

  • Open your eyes...wherever your hands are, that is where you want the handlebar grips to be.


Handlebar Grips

DK Custom Black ISO GRIPS Cushioned Grip ~ Dampens Vibration  Fits All Harley Models 1982-Up Kuryakyn Sportster Dyna Softail Touring Trikes Tri-Glide Bagger



  • Reduce/Eliminate Tingling/Numb Fingers

  • More Cushioned Feel


Once you’ve adjusted your bars to the most comfortable position for You, it’s time to look at your handlebar grips. No one likes that annoying tingling/numb feeling in your hands and fingers after a long ride. Adding better grips that will dampen handlebar vibration while providing a more cushioned feel, on top of riser extensions, will help to provide the Ultimate Comfort when riding. 


Better Rear Suspension



  • Keeps tires better planted

  • Tires will last longer

  • More Comfort/Less Jolt to the Rider


Once your hands, feet, and butt are all in the right position and most comfortable to you, the final step is to upgrade that not so great Harley rear suspension. Having a peace of mind knowing your tires are planted to the ground at all times; in corners, poor road conditions, emergency braking, etc. is comforting. Also, with better suspension comes longer tire life. Feeling less of or even eliminating the jolts of road imperfections will make for the Ultimate in Rider Comfort!

Click HERE for a complete Report on Rear Suspension.




Better Front Suspension

 39mm Black Rubber Fork Boots Harley Sportsters Dyna  FXR Gator DK Custom American V-Twin



  • Keeps tires better planted
  • Less dive when applying front brakes
  • More Control & Stability
  • More Clearance (lean angle) in curves


We see it all the time; realization of how horrible the stock front suspension is after upgrading the rear. Whether you opt for a cartridge system, performance springs, or drop in valves, any upgrade will provide a better ride. Having the correct spring weight for your weight, the correct amount of sag, limited dive when applying the front brakes, and correct damping in both the compression and rebound strokes, will provide you with a much more comfortable, stable, smoother ride.

Click HERE to see our Front Suspension Testing Report.



Cup Holder


  • Allows you to have easy access to your drink

  • Convient on rides in rural areas with no places to stop grab a drink
  • Different cup holders allow different mounting points (more options)


Having a cup holder is almost a given. When you’re riding, you don’t want to have to worry about keeping a tight grip on your bottle of water or soda. Whether it’s perch mount, handlebar mount, engine guard mount, convenience is the common ground and with convenience comes comfort!



Choose any combination of the above mods equalling $400 or more total

and Use Coupon Code:


in Checkout to SAVE $20 on Your Order!