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How to Set Your Bike up for YOU...The Comfort Triangle

How to set Your Bike up for YOU


One of the most overlooked aspects in motorcycling is:

Setting up Your bike for Your Comfort and Security.

After a day of riding it sucks to be fatigued.  Wouldn’t it be better to ride all day, and be ready to enjoy your night?  (whether it be relaxing or shenanigans)

There are Three Simple steps to get your ride set up for You.


  1. Foot Placement & Security

  2. Butt Placement & Comfort

  3. Grip Placement





These three things work in concert,

and it is best to First Choose Your Seat.


You may be happy with your current seat, or may want to get a more comfortable one.  We have Solo Spring Seats HERE, and other seats HERE.

There are a ton of seat options on the market.

If you are riding long distances, you may be pleasantly surprised by how much more comfortable any seat can be with the addition of an Airhawk and/or some sheepskin.

Next, choose your Footpegs & Highway pegs.  


Foot placement is one of the most overlooked aspects of safe & comfortable motorcycling.


You want to have Three Things Covered:


  1. Your feet in a comfortable position in relation to your butt

  2. Security- You want your feet to stay where you put them regardless of the wind or hitting a bump

  3. Multiple positions for your feet.  This allows for shifting the weight around on your butt, and allows for different leg/knee positions...both of these are critical for comfort while riding, especially on longer rides.

We have a Large selection of Classic Footpegs & Floorboards,  Trap Style & SGS Pegs, Highway Pegs, Heel Rests, Peg Mounting hardware &Floorboard Extenstions.

 Floorboards on a Sportster & Dyna give them a Completely Different, and more stable, riding experience, as do adding Heel Rests to forward control footpegs and highway pegs.



The last, and Very Important, part of setting Your Bike up for You:


Get your handlebar grips in the

Most Comfortable Position for YOU.


This varies widely, person to person and bike to bike.


Having the right or wrong handlebar position can make all the difference between a really comfortable ride, or shoulder, neck, arm or wrists that start hurting after riding a few hours.


Finding the perfect handlebar position for You can make all the difference!

This is a tried & true way to find the most comfortable handlebar position-


  • Sit on your bike
  • Have someone hold it up straight for you
  • Put your feet on the pegs
  • Close your eyes
  • Put your hands out to where it is most comfortable to hold them
  • Open your eyes...where ever your hands are, that is where you want the handlebar grips to be


With this information you can adjust your existing handlebars or visit a trusted vendor to get some bars that put the grips where You need them for max comfort.


If your bars just need a slight amount up or back movement, you can see our handlebar riser extensions HERE.

Getting the butt, feet, hands triangle set up for You, on Your bike, will be one of the best things you will ever do to increase your riding enjoyment!


Live Free - Ride Free!