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Ultimate Sportster Performance



Ultimate Performance Mods


A TRUE Stage I Upgrade is a sure fire way to increase performance.

BUT, having a free flowing air cleaner, free flowing exhaust, and a tuner is not the only way to get more power.


 Whether you want to wake up your stock Sportster with an Exceptional Stage I, or want to build your bike out to its maximum potential. 


Building a solid foundation is The Key to getting the most performance out of your bike, regardless of what Stage you go to. 



Ultimate Sportster Performance

(If you already have done a "Stage I" and were disappointed with the lack of improvement...this is for you) 


Combine the following mods on Your Sportster for Improved Performance You Can Feel.




Outlaw HiFlow Air Cleaner System

External Breather Systems

Black Cyclone Cage Transparent cover Outlaw  HiFlow 587 Air cleaner Sportster Harley Davidson High Flow Air cleaner DK Custom Nightster Iron 48 Custom Low SuperLow Stage I K&N EFI Carbureted Complete High Performance




  • K&N A/C Filter (million mile warranty)

  • Low-profile backplates for more clearance

  • Vents blow-by externally rather than back into your intake

  • Lots of options for routing your EBS filter or Catch Can

  • Keeps your tune stable


The air cleaner is the foundation that all other engine mods rely on and plays a huge part in performance. It’s simple really; engines perform better with cool, clean, oxygen-rich air. Thanks to the EPA, our Harleys are being choked out and can’t breathe, putting a dent in their performance. Having an air cleaner that doesn’t route that hot, oily, oxygen-depleted air back into your intake will help provide the Ultimate Performance & Tune Stability. Also, having lots of routing options for your EBS catch can or filter is a plus. If you're not fond of the hoses, check out the External Breather Bolts.

See what happens to the inside of your engine with a typical Stage I air cleaner (no EBS) HERE.


Free Flowing Exhaust

Thunder Torque Inserts™



  • Reduced engine pumping losses

  • Better Fuel Mileage 

  • Increased Exhaust Gas Velocity

  • More Felt Torque


Technically speaking, exhaust systems cannot increase or decrease an engines power. However, they can have a profound effect on engine pumping losses, whether decreasing or increasing. The goal is to reduce engine pumping losses and increase exhaust gas velocity, resulting in more felt power at the rear wheel. Here’s a LINK to a more in-depth explanation of Harley exhaust and how it works. With the Thunder Torque Inserts™, you will have more low and mid range torque and the deeper, throatier sound is a plus. 


 DK Custom Dynojet Power Vision Flash Tuner w/ Auto Tune Stage 1 Harley-Davidson Fuel Moto



  • Cooler running engine

  • Less lean running engine

  • Get rid of hesitation/stutter
  • Reduce flat spots
  • Stronger Acceleration


These bikes run too lean from the factory. No matter if you have free-flowing exhaust & intake or keep the restrictive exhaust & intake, your bike will run longer, stronger, and more efficiently with a better tune. 

The Power Vision and the FP3 allow you to improve your AFR and Timing tables for a much better running engine.  They also have the ability to adjust out the decel pop if you do not like it.

Additionally, if you are so inclined, the Power Vision and the FP3 have a variety of gauges that you can monitor, in real time, the status of a variety of data points in your engine.  From MPG, to MAP, to Spark Retard, to Engine Temperature, and much more.

The XiED products improve the AFR, resulting in a cooler and smoother/stronger running engine, but don’t touch the timing tables.

Click HERE for an overview of tuning options.


Oil Filter Relocation



  • Puts your filter in the wind (better cooling)

  • More airflow to engine

  • Plus mess-free oil changes


Relocating the filter puts it in the wind and allows more airflow to your engine and helps cool the oil. Plus, future oil changes will be a breeze with your oil filter now mounted on the downtube.

Performance Permanent Oil Filters

CnC Oil Filter Relocation Kit Harley Davidson DK Custom  Sportster  Dyna Softail  Cooler Running Motor easy oil changes



  • Superior Filtration

  • Reduced drag on oil pump

  • Finned Billet Case (little extra cooling)


Permanent oil filters offer many performance increasing features. With their high flow rates, magnetic pre-filtering, consistent filtering medium, billet outer housing which aids in cooling, and, unlike standard paper filters, a progressive rate bypass which avoids unfiltered oil bypassing the filter at startup and high RPM operation. The combination of these characteristics, dyno runs consistently show an increase in Horsepower and in Torque! 

Oil Coolers

Deluxe Oil Cooler System for Harley-Davidson Motorcycles DK Custom High Flow Performance Sportster  Dyna Softail Touring Trike Freewheeler Big Twin Evo Milwaukee Eight Cooler Running Motor Jagg HD

It’s a given; oil coolers help cool down the oil and cooler oil/engine means better performance. No matter which oil you run, oil is the lifeblood of your engine and is subjected to intense heat.  It is crucial to performance and engine longevity to cool that oil down.  Having the lowest possible engine and oil temps (down to 190* at cylinder walls) will result in the Ultimate Performance!

Click this LINK to read how much cylinder wall temperatures affect Performance.


Why Do We Use & Recommend Jagg Oil Coolers?

HyperFlow Technology is the engineered balance between performance and flow. It should first be described as a "systems" way of thinking.

Air flow, fins, oil flow, turbulators, brazing technology, metal finish, oil filter adapter design, thermostatic actuator, etc., are each components maximized to contribute to the overall system. It is only when each individual component is considered in relation to its contribution to the whole that a true systems approach can be claimed.



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