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AK-20 Premium Fork Cartridge System for Harley Front Suspension

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Item #: DK-TX-AK20-CTG
Manufacturer: Traxxion
Manufacturer's Product Number: Traxxion

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DK Custom AK-20 Premium Fork Cartridge System Harley-Davidson Premium Front Suspension  PREMIUM FORK SYSTEM Traxxion





Sportster ~ Dyna ~ Softail ~ Touring ~ Trike



Features & Specs:

  • Increased Stability in Turns 
  • Increased Cornering Ability
  • Reduced Brake Dive
  • Smoother Overall Ride
  • Faster Braking 
  • No Wallowing in Curves 
  • More Control at Slow & Fast Speeds
  • Less Harshness over Bumps
  • Reduced Bottoming Out 
  • Improved Tire/Road Connection
  • External Damping Adjusters
  • Omni Springs to your Specifications
  • Cartridges built to Your Specifications
  • Modular- Can migrate to future bikes
  • Sold as a Pair
  • Made in The USA


 DK Custom Products has tested numerous aftermarket suspension components.  We've logged well over 16,000 miles on a variety of bikes and trikes, covering an array of road condtions, loads and speeds.   All this, while paying close attention to the ride quality with various suspension configurations.

You can view our full report on our testing of various suspension components at this LINK.



You cannot purchase a better front suspension for your Harley-Davidson.  These are the Top-Of-The-Line Cartridge Systems that fit in your OEM forks!

With the AK-20's you will experience a Dramatic improvement in Handling & Stability, with a Smooth and Controlled Ride.

These need to be professionally installed.  They come with everything needed (including instructions) for the experienced suspension expert to remove all the OEM internals, do a small amount of machining, and then install the AK-20 Cartridge System into your forks.

If you do not know an experienced suspension expert, you can send your forks to us, and we will do the installation for you, and then send the forks back, ready to clamp them back on your bike.  If this is the option you want, please check the appropriate box when ordering.  There is an extra charge.

Whether you have us install them, or your own expert, please answer all the questions so that your springs and cartridges can be built to your specific bike, weight, & riding preferences.

Each system is individually built based on the answers you give, assuring you the best possible ride.  This takes anywhere from 1-2 weeks for a complete turn-around.

SPECIAL INSTALLATION NOTE:  Some late model Sportsters require the installation to be done at the AK-20 Facility.  This is an extra charge of $300 and requires your forks to be shipped to the facility.  Turn-around time is usually 2-4 days, not including shipping time.

Full Details:

Included in the kit is one pair of the world's finest fork cartridges, one set of our proprietary Omni Fork Springs matched to your weight and riding preferences, a nice set of stainless steel fork caps with external damping adjusters, high quality fork fluid, and step by step instructions on installing the kit.

 For the techies who want to know the "Specs", the 20mm cartridge tubes in the AK-20 Kit are bored and honed to +/-.0005". The 12.5mm cartridge rods are centerless ground to +/-.0005". No other suspension unit is held to these exacting standards. Our unique bearing design helps seal the cartridge to improve low speed damping and increase damping response time, and virtually eliminates stiction. The components are then hard-coat anodized to prevent oxidation and wear contamination of the fork fluid.

 All of these features lead to a cartridge that performs beyond any customer's expectation. As an added bonus, the kit is completely modular in construction, and can be retrofitted to future bikes you may buy.


Fitment:  All Harley-Davidsons


You can see our grading of All suspension components HERE.  If you still are running stock rear shocks, you can compliment the AK-20's with some upgraded rear shocks, see our Special Package deals HERE.

*Special package pricing is available only when purchased via the Stage I, II or III upgrades at the above link.  Applying the savings After ordering the components individually actually costs us more $, so no additional savings are available after the fact.

Lifetime Limited Warranty

Limitations:  Original Purchaser only.  Seals, bushings, & shims are covered against defects, but not normal wear.  Fork Fluid/Service should be performed at OEM intervals.  Does not cover due to accidents, environmental catastrophes, improper installation or use (such as over loading), stunt riding or racing.


" To say that we were "shocked" when we tested the AK-20's is an understatement!

The improvement over stock has to be experienced to be understood.

The closest I can come to explaining it is- that with this front suspension there is a rock-solid feeling of control, Coupled with a complete absence of discomfort from any road irregularities, except with the largest of bumps."-Kevin

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