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DK Custom Axle Bearing Retainer Plates for Harley-Davidson Tri-Glide & Freewheeler

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DK Custom Axle Bearing Retainer Plates for Harley-Davidson Tri-Glide & Freewheeler



DK Custom Products

Made in The USA



  • CNC Machined from 1018 American Steel
  • 2.5 Times thicker than factory retainers
  • O-Rings to keep water out of axle housing
  • Prevents bearing rocking & excessive spline wear
  • Step-by-Step Instructions Included
  • Optional Bearings
  • Made in The USA
  • Lifetime Warranty


See A Video Explanation W/ Install Process HERE


These Patent Pending DK Custom Axle Bearing Retainers are CNC cut from American steel. 

They are 2.5 times thicker than the stamped factory retainers. 

They have a 2/100" shoulder that butts up against the bearing, keeping the bearings in place. 

They also have O-Rings that prevent water from getting into the axle housing and sitting in there and rusting.

The install is very easy...easier than a lift bracket install (no crawling under trike...just sit on stool to do the whole thing).  Besides the lug nuts, there are only 6 fasteners on each side. 

The bearings do need to be pressed off, and back on.  If you don't have a press, then just take the axles to a shop that does, and have it done.


Why did we build these Heavy-Duty Bearing Retainer Plates?


The factory plates are thin, made from a stamped material.  When lateral stress is put on the bearings (everytime the trike goes through a turn), it deforms these plates. 



Over time, this leaves a space between the plate and the bearing.  The bearing then begins rocking back and forth inside the axle housing, banging against the plates.  (see witness marks below)



This results in the following:

Beats up the outer bearing


Beats up the axle housing


The bearings being loose in the housing results in clicking/clanking in the rear end, and can cause wandering on the road, & excessive rubber swingarm bushing wear...



...AND, Results in excessive wear on axle splines



On the factory plate there is no seal to keep water from going into the axle housing, and causing rust in an area that is machined to a needed tight tolerance.



Taking the extra time to machine a groove for an O-Ring, the axle housing is now sealed from getting water in it, where it can sit and rust.


With the DK Axle Bearing Retainer Plates installed, the bearings are held firmly in place, resulting in the axles being held in true.


Fits All Years Harley Trikes- Tri-Glide, Freewheeler & FLHXXX.

There are many companies that make the rear axle bearings.  A common Part # is 208-FF.  These can be purchased at many auto part stores.

We also offer the option of replacement bearings to be sent with your Axle Bearing Retainer Plate Kit.  You can see details on them at this LINK.

Patent Pending.

"It took a while to track down what was loose.  This solved it.  Tri-Glide rides straight & true now!" -Kevin

Customer Reviews

One problem Review by TK
I was highly impressed with the quality of metal of the retainer plates. Installing them was a piece of cake. Pressing the bearings off and on used about 15 tons of pressure. The only problem had with the product was the o ring groove in the plate was not deep or wide enough for the o ring to stay in place when tightening down. We used grease to help keep it in place during installation and tightened the bolts gently and evenly but nothing would keep the o ring from squeezing out the side of the plate. After trying several times unsuccessfully, I decided to fore go the o ring and fill the grove with grease and install the plate without the o ring. I feel the density and strength of the plate tightened should be sufficient enough to compensate for the lack of the o ring. Either a thinner o ring or a wider groove could solve the problem I had. All in all I’m confident the DK retaining plates are a must replacement for the inferior product Harley installed from the factory. (Posted on 11/15/2021)
BEEFY Bearing Plates For Sure Review by T.R.P
I Am Definitely Impressed with the Quality of these bearing plates, STOUT. I'm also Very Impressed with their customer service, Both of the Gal's that I talked to on the phone about delayed ETA's & Shipping, were Very polite, patient & helpful. That's something that goes a long way with this customer, Especially with all of the Major Backorder Issues These Days.
Thank you again for all of your help... (Posted on 7/12/2021)
Great retainer plate kit Review by Triker John
These axle retainers are a huge difference from the stock retainers. They are machined out of quality steel, not stamped. Perfect fit. I know the axles are not going anywhere with these.
I like the O-Ring feature because when I removed the axles, there was rust around the bearing and bearing bore. (Posted on 2/1/2021)
Solid improvement on factory bearing retaining plates Review by CAGMO
DK Customs always has the best interests of the riding community in mind. These retaining plates are solid steel and will never let you down like the factory plates have shown to do. Thanks, DK! I will install mine when the snow flies here. (Posted on 11/16/2020)
Another DK Customs Winner Review by Tony
DK Customs has another winner in their catalog. These plates are built like something that belongs on a large truck.
Far superior to Harley's stamped pieces. (Posted on 9/2/2020)
Fort Knox of Axle Bearing Retaining Plates Review by Gunny
Ordered a set of these Bearing Retainer Plates for future use when needed. My Trike only has 2000 miles on it now, but looking at the history of these trikes I feel it’s a good idea to stock these now. These plates are the machined Fort Knox of Axle Bearing Retainer Plates! DK Custom Industries took their time and designed theses monsters to last for the life of the trike! Probably will end up being one of the least exspensive and best upgrades I make on my ride. (Posted on 6/6/2018)

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