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HiFlow 587 Air Cleaner System Transparent Cover HD M8

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Item #: DK-AC587-TRN-M8
Manufacturer: DK Custom Products

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HiFlow 587 Air Cleaner System Transparent Cover HD M8 DK Custom Harley Davidson DK Custom Outlaw Touring Twin Cam Dyna Softail Trike Freewheeler Sportster Tri Glide Kury Kuryakyn Stage I High Flow Milwaukee-Eight SE Heavy Breather

Outlaw HiFlow 587

Air Cleaner System



~Complete High Performance System~

~Transparent Cover~

~Optional Rain Sock~


MADE in The USA!

DK Custom Products



  • HiFlow 5 7/8" Genuine K&N Air Filter
  • Low Profile - best leg clearance
  • Designed Specifically for the M8 Engine
  • Support & Backplate Black Powder Coat Finish
  • Transparent Cover - Impact-Modified Acrylic
  • Your Choice of External Breathers (NO dirty air in engine)
  • All Hardware needed, including Stainless AND Brass Acorn
  • E-Z Step-by-Instructions Included
  • Made in The USA!


The Outlaw HiFlow 587 System will give your M8 the Air it needs to Produce Maximum Power.  CLEAN AIR - No dirty air routed back in! 

This system is TURN-KEY.  It comes with everything needed to replace the restrictive stock air cleaner.

E-Z Installation with Step-by-Step Instructions.

Genuine K&N Filter with Million Mile Warranty.

Filter is re-usable.  Simply wash, let dry, & apply oil.

Fits Milwaukee-Eight Models.

This is a must for at Stage 1 Upgrade.


Included: Your Choice of Brass, Black or Polished Aluminum Breathers. Or you can choose one of the Hose & filter Breather Systems for venting - The Traditional, the Discrete, or the Premium Discrete. To see full details on All these choices Click HERE.  


When choosing between the Breather systems, it is helpful to know-


1.  All three Breather Bolt function the same, it is just a matter of which color you prefer.


2.  All the Hose and Filter Breathers function the same with the Outlaw Air Cleaners, it is a matter of which system you like the looks of the best.

 The Transformer™ is the Ultimate External Breather System, that Doubles as a Support Bracket and can be Transformed into an EPA (Emissions) Compliant System. It fits all Outlaw Air Cleaners. 


This System comes with an Impact-Modified Acrylic Transparent Cover.  Looks Great Stock!  Gives new options for personalizing with paint, decals, emblems, etc. 

The picture above has the Transparent Cover installed with the Gripper Optional A/C Cover Fastener.

The Naked Cover comes with rubber cushioning for mounting, it is not shown in all the pictures above


You can upgrade to the Outlaw HiFlow 587 Air Cleaner System without doing any dyno work or adding tuners IF you leave the stock exhaust in place. To see Why the M8 Does Not Need a Tune when Running Free Flowing Intake & Exhaust CLICK HERE.


This system comes with both a Stainless and a Brass Acorn Fastener for the Cover. 

There are Optional A/C Cover Fasteners that you can add to your order above. 

44 Magnum, The Gripper, Tri-Speed, Speed, Tri-Shield and Mini-Tri-Shield.  Any of these will add to Your Bikes Unique Look. 



This Air Cleaner fits OEM Milwaukee-Eight Throttle Body

NOTE: With This Air Cleaner the OEM support bracket must be used. It is pictured below. If you don't have one, the HD Part # is 16400049 (it has a retail price of $17.09)




Harley has routed dirty, oily crankcase air back into the air cleaner compromising the performance of your engine. The Outlaw Breathers vents it without compromising the performance or longevity of your motor.

Caution:  Motorcycles modified with this DK Custom Products High-Performance part may not be legal for public highway use in some areas.  The user shall determine suitability of this product for his or her use.


"The Naked Outlaw I have been testing for you guys has gotten more positive comments than any other mod on my bike!"  -Matt

Go HERE to See a Step By Step Installation Video

Customer Reviews

clean cool air Review by 18FLSL
Get that oil out of your intake. Perfect fit with DK external breather routed under bike. Love the clear cover. lower profile than HD high flow unit. Plenty of room for breather and R leg. (Posted on 3/7/2022)
Clear and cool Review by Dave
This AC is very simple but to my eye very cool. The clear cover is much thicker than I had imagined it would be. I thought I would leave the stock 107 AC cover on but then I saw this one and switched. Take your time with the install and don't scratch it! (Posted on 8/20/2021)
must have for knee clearance Review by AO in CT
If you're having any issues with knee clearance with the stock M8 cover...this is the slimmest kit. About half the thickness of the OEM air cleaner/cover kit. My combo of tall seat and lowered/forward floorboards brought my knee from right behind the "teardrop" on the OEM cover to RIGHT on the cover nut (widest part of the cover). I could not keep my knee/hip even close to straight and still be on the floorboard (think 45 deg outward hip angle just to get my heel on the floorboard). Didn't want to go with wider floorboards or a widening kit and further reduce my cornering clearance...this slim air cleaner kit made the knee clearance almost exactly like the shifter-side (horn-side). Great product at a reasonable price! Of course, cover style is personal-preference and does not affect fitment defined above. (Posted on 12/26/2019)

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