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Manual By-pass Valve For Oil Coolers

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Item #: DK-Jagg-4000
Manufacturer: Jagg

Manual By-pass Valve For Oil Coolers


Manual By-pass Valve


Works with all Oil Coolers


Features and Specs

  • Acts as a manual thermostat
  • Durable anodized billet aluminum contruction
  • Compact in-line Installation
  • Comes with 4 Black Hose Clamps
  • Easy Install Instructions


 The Jagg Manual By-Pass Valve acts as a manual thermostat, allowing you to by-pass the oil cooling system for cold-weather riding or for faster warm-ups on cool days.



Works great with any Oil Cooler, including the DK Oil Filter Relocation and Oil Cooler Combo Kits! 

(see them at this LINK)


Please Note:  The Complete Oil Cooler Systems, seen at this LINK, already have an automatic thermostatic bypass built into them.  You can use this manual bypass in addition, but in most circumstances this is not needed.



Fitment Notes:  If the oil hoses between the oil cooler and the oil source are too short, the oil cooler by-pass valve may not fit in the oil lines. Jagg mini by-pass valves require at least 3 inches of straight hose.

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