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Naked HiFlow 606 Air Cleaner Harley Milwaukee-Eight

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Item #: DK-AC-606-NK-M8
Manufacturer: DK Custom Products

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Naked HiFlow 606 Air Cleaner Harley Milwaukee-Eight DK Custom Stage I

Outlaw HiFlow 606

Air Cleaner 



~High Performance Air Cleaner~

~Designed To Fit The 'Milwaukee-Eight' OEM Cover~


MADE in The USA!

DK Custom Products



  • Tapered HIFlow Genuine K&N Air Filter
  • 6 1/4" Base & 5 1/2" Face Diameters 
  • Designed Specifically for the M8 Engine
  • Naked - No Cover - OEM Rushmore Cover Fits
  • A  True Stage l Air Cleaner
  • E-Z Step-by-Instructions Included
  • Made in The USA!


The Outlaw HiFlow 606 Air Cleaner will give your M8 the Air it needs to Produce Maximum Power.  CLEAN AIR - No dirty air routed back in! 


E-Z Installation with Step-by-Step Instructions.

Genuine K&N Filter with Million Mile Warranty.

Filter is re-usable.  Simply wash, let dry, & apply oil.

Fits Milwaukee-Eight Models.

This is a must for at Stage 1 Upgrade.

This Air Cleaner is designed to be used in conjunction with an aftermarket breather system.  If you do not already an External Breather System, please look at our Complete Air Cleaner Systems.

This 606 comes with no cover.  A cover is not needed, and you can run it this way, or let your imagination run wild and secure any cover you want to it via, the center bolt in the filter element.


Just about any HD or aftermarket cover (Round, Football, teardrop, etc.) will fit over it.  



It is Specifically Designed to work with the OEM M8 Cover.


Comes with the needed hardware to mount the Factory Milwaukee-Eight A/C Cover to this 606 HiFlow Air Cleaner.


You can upgrade to the Outlaw HiFlow 606 Air Cleaner System without doing any dyno work or adding tuners IF you leave the stock exhaust in place.



All 2017 Milwaukee-Eight Models


The EPA has required Harley to route dirty, oily crankcase air back into the air cleaner compromising the performance of your engine. The Outlaw Breathers vents it without compromising the performance or longevity of your motor.

Caution:  Motorcycles modified with this DK Custom Products High-Performance part may not be legal for public highway use in some areas.  The user shall determine suitability of this product for his or her use.


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