I ride year round.  I don't have a cage.  My wife has a truck that I borrow now and then, but for the most part I use one of the bikes or Trike for my daily transpo.

If there's a choice between riding or cleaning, I prefer riding.

This means there comes a time where they just get so dirty that I do end up cleaning them, and that is a chore getting all the bug guts that are baked on, off.

It's not that I don't like nice paint or a clean looking ride.  I do.  I just have limited time and would prefer to ride over clean....besides, it's just going to get dirty right after I clean it.  lol

Then I learned about Ceramic Coating.  

  • Makes the paint look BETTER than new
  • Not nearly as much dirt and bugs stick to it
  • What does stick is super easy to clean off


It does take a little work to put on, but not a whole lot longer than a good wash and wax.  AND...It is guarenteed to last 2 years!!!



I've now done the Ceramic Coating on Mary's truck, 2 bikes and 1 trike.  Check out the video below-



LINK to write up on coating the Sporty.