If you ride in cold weather, or ride a lot of short rides, then a by-pass may be for you.

What is an oil cooler By-Pass?


The Jagg Automatic By-Pass Valve acts as an automatic thermostat, the actuator begins to move at 185ºF.

By 195ºF, it is fully-actuated, plugging the by-pass hole, and directing 100 percent of the oil's flow to the oil cooler.

You can see the Automatic By-pass HERE.




The Jagg Manual By-Pass Valve acts as a manual thermostat, allowing you to by-pass the oil cooling system for cold-weather riding or for faster warm-ups on cool days. You can see the Manual By-Pass HERE.


If you already have one of our Complete Oil Cooler Systems, as seen at THIS LINK, it already has an automatic, thermostatically controlled by-pass built in, like the one seen in this photo-


You can use this manual bypass in addition to the automatic by-pass that is part of your system, but in most circumstances this is not needed.



But if you have some other brand oil cooler that does not have a by-pass, or if you have our Oil Filter Relocaiton/Oil Cooler Combo Kit, as SEEN HERE, they do not have a by-pass, and your bike may benefit from it.


Oil Filter Relocation/Oil Cooler Combo Kit pictured below-


While it's important that oil not go over 230*F, it's also important that it warms up to at least 190*F.

In really cold weather, or with a ride that's under 30 minutes even in warmer weather,

the oil is not going to warm up to 190*, so that is when a manual or automatic by-pass becomes useful.