Benefits of Handlebar Riser Extensions:

-Less Shoulder/Neck/Arm Strain

-More/Better Handlebar Height/Position

-More Clearance


Raising your bars and tilting them back slightly can relieve the strain in your shoulders and back from the forward leaning position.

Whether you're wanting a taller look, needing more clearance, or wanting more comfort in the shoulders and back, riser extensions

are easy & economical!

Most stock bikes can be raised at least 1.5" without needing to replace cables, brake lines & wiring...HOWEVER some can go higher.

Check how much slack you have.  Pictured is a 2016 Low Rider S with stock cables and wiring with 3" Fat Riser Extensions.


See Sporty, Dyna, & Softail Handlebar Risers HERE.

Check Out This Video-