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FL-ViED Fuel Enrichment for Harley EFI Plug-n-Play..More Details

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Item #: DK-FLVIED-10-NR
Manufacturer: DK Custom Products

Dyno Chart for Plug-n-Play Fuel Enrichment for Fuel Injected Harley-Davidsons FL-ViED-10 Lowers Engine & Exhaust Temps - Improves Throttle Response Harley-Davidson DK Custom

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Dynamic Tuning For Harley-Davidson Motorcycles
Variable Inline Enrichment Device


A Cost Effective Alternative to an Aftermarket Tuner & Dyno Runs.

This Patented Device Dynamically Adjusts to Changes Made to Your Bike!

FL-ViED-10's will Cool Your Bike Down & Make it Run Better!


The Patented Plug-n-Play FL-ViED-10 richens the Air Fuel Ratio from14.6:1 to a range of 14.3-13.9:1 in closed loop mode.  

This Variable Fuel management upgrade allows you to fine-tune the air fuel mixture with a small screwdriver.

Immediate Benefits:

  • Lower Engine Temperature
  • Lower Exhaust Temperature
  • Improved Throttle Response
  • Reduced Surging
  • Reduced Pinging




  • Touring/Trikes 2010-2016 (including the Twin-Cooled Models)
  • Softail  2012-2017
  • Dyna  2012-2017
  • V-Rod  2012-2016

Recommended for: Stock Bikes, & Stage I Bikes (High Flow Intake & Exhaust) Will NOT Work with Stage II, III, or IV.

Note:  It is recommended that bikes that have full exhaust system upgrades, or those with the catalytic converter removed, use this FL-ViED-10 product.  Fine tuning of the O2 sensor signals may be required to optimize the fuel mixture when the catalytic converter is not in place.


Simple install-comes with instructions.  No tools required, installs in a few minutes.


They work inline with the smaller H-D Delphi heated narrow band 02 sensors and Delphi ECM to richen the fuel mixtures, adding up to 6% more fuel to the engine in closed loop mode.

There is an indirect richening of the open loop fuel mixtures through the learning mode, or adaptive fuel value action built into your ECM.  This ensures the richer 13.8-12.5:1 AFR's are ALSO adjusted in heavy/full throttle operation.

LINK to All Dynamic Tuners 

"The 'too lean' hesitation at start off was gone. Also gone was the decal popping. Using my highly calibrated dyno-ass I could feel a tad more pull at low end.  

Overall I'm happy. So happy that I'll be ordering another set for wife's '14 Tri-Glide" -Screwball


"409” ignition wires provide continuous heat protection up to 600-degrees Fahrenheit

Customer Reviews

A+ product Review by Trikerster
I have used Night Rider in the past, good quality, and product does what it says it does. Would recommend. (Posted on 2/25/2021)
DK-FLVIED-10-NR Review by Al Corr
Very easy to install, just Plug-n-Play. Enrichment for Fuel Injected Harley-Davidsons. Lowers Engine Temps. Improves Throttle Response. (Posted on 10/31/2020)
FL-ViED-10 Review by Pastor
First installed on our 15 FLHR and noticed incredible improvement first time ridden. Gone was the low end surging in first gear and the exhaust was much cooler on the highway. Then we ordered a kit for our 16 FLSTC that has always run hot enough to make the freeway ride uncomfortable. Same result, no surging, and the heat was gone. The engine on both machines just seems happier now. Very happy with the product, I only question why the manufacture only offers a 30 day warranty on this kit. (Posted on 9/9/2020)
$$ well spent Review by PJ
Super easy install. Cleaned up all the lean hesitation, and engine just seems generally happier, as well as pulling harder.
Have the same unit on my BMW R1200GSA, with similar results. (Posted on 7/17/2020)
Well worth the money Review by Rod
I put this on my 2016 Electra Glide, the only mods i have are slip on mufflers. This definitely improved the low rpm lean stumble. i also think it runs better over all. doesn't make it a race bike and that's not what i was after, but i do think it is well worth the money unless you want to spend big bucks getting a dyno tune. (Posted on 5/20/2020)
Product/customer service review Review by Joe
This product is an easy plug and play, it does what it advertises that it will do, DK customer service is some of the best I have dealt with, we had a small issue that was dealt with expeditiously and with courtesy, I would recommend both (Posted on 7/25/2019)
Product review Review by Joe Joe
The FL-VIED wires that I bought are too easy to install, the improvement that I have really noticed is the increase in my take off torque, (I have the wires set at 50% or half), I will set it to 60% just to see what or how it responds, I would recommend this product. Price is reasonable for what it does (Posted on 7/22/2019)
Well worth the reasonable cost Review by T103
Easy install. Very good instructions for installation and use. I’ve used them on other bikes and they definitely smooth the throttle operation and help enrich the fuel mixture. (Posted on 6/12/2019)

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