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Improved Front Suspension w/ Intiminator Fork Valves for Harley

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Item #: DK-RIC-INT-39
Manufacturer: Ricor
Manufacturer's Product Number: Ricor

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DK Custom Improved Front Suspension w/ Intiminator Fork Valves For Harley Comfortable Ride suspension Ricor







Sportster ~ Dyna ~ Softail ~ Touring ~ Trike



Features & Specs:

  • Increased Stability in Turns 
  • Increased Cornering Ability
  • Reduced Brake Dive
  • Smoother Overall Ride
  • Faster Braking 
  • Less Wallowing in Curves 
  • More Control at Slow & Fast Speeds
  • Less Harshness over Bumps
  • Reduced Bottoming Out 
  • Improved Tire/Road Connection
  • Easy Installation 
  • Works with Standard Fork Springs & Aftermarket Springs 
  • Sold as a Pair
  • Patented Inertia-Activated Valves - Ricor Intiminator



Using the Ricor Intiminator in the forks, whether with stock or aftermarket springs, the ride is greatly improved.   Not only do they smooth out the bumps, large & small, it is amazing how much more stable your bike/trike will feel going thru the curves.  It is confidence inspiring.  

There is reduced brake dive, and the front tire stays much more connected to the road, improving traction, and reducing that loose, wallowing feeling.


Full Details:

Suspension Basics: When the front wheel hits a bump, the fork compresses to let the wheel go over the bump. The spring in the fork first resists this compression, then extends the fork after the bump. But without some way to control the speed at which compression and extension (also called rebound) take place, the wheel would bounce, oscillating until the energy of hitting the bump was dissipated. In order to control wheel movement, that energy has to be damped.

In a damper rod fork (which Harley uses), that’s accomplished by forcing oil through an orifice inside the fork. But this method doesn’t work well at slow compression speeds, when the oil is moving so slowly as to provide no real damping, or at very high compression speeds, when it’s moving so fast it doesn’t move through the orifice at all, a condition called hydraulic lock, which effectively stops the fork from compressing.

The Intiminator sidesteps the limitation of damper-rod forks by taking the damper rod out of the suspension equation. This is done by using a light weight fork oil, which is so thin that it passes through the damper orifices without producing any noticeable damping effect, almost no matter what the wheel speed.

The Intiminator itself is an improvement over the fixed orifices in the damper rod. It uses a flexible shim stack (in the larger-diameter base) like those in sophisticated cartridge forks, and an inertial valve (the brass-colored part under the nut on top) that opens up a bypass for faster oil flow at high compression speeds.

At low speeds over the kinds of bumps you encounter on the street, the shims alone provide damping, controlling the flow of oil and bending to allow more through if needed.

At higher speeds the spring-loaded inertial valve takes over. It sits on a light spring, and remains closed until the wheel begins to move upward sharply; it then slides down and opens a port through the middle of the Intiminator that lets the fork oil flow freely, allowing the wheel to get up and over the bump as quickly as possible.

Under braking, which causes the front end of the bike to pitch as weight transfers onto the front wheel, the inertial valve remains closed, and the shim stack’s damping effect moderates dive. In this way the Intinimator reacts differently to wheel movement (hitting a bump) and chassis movement (hitting the brakes).  

The net result is front forks with amazing compliance characteristics, approaching those of an expensive cartridge system.


Fitment:  All Harley-Davidsons, except 2016-Up Sportster Models & 2017-Up Touring Models.

Note:  There are a few Models throughout the years that Harley has used a Spring and Damper Rod (Tube) on one side and a cartridge on the other.  These do not work with cartridge style suspension.

When you order there are a few simple questions.  Your answers give us the information needed to send you the correct Intiminators, set up for you & your bike.

 When installing these Performance Valves, the fork fluid must be changed.  We recommend Maxima Racing Formula Fork Fluid. 

Fork fluid can be purchased locally, or you can use the option to add it to your order. 

Different Intiminators use different weight fluid.  If you choose to have us send you the Racing Formula Fork Fluid with your order, we will send the matching weight.  (5W for 39mm and 41mm forks & 10W for 49mm forks)


Please note:  

1.  These will improve your front suspension, both with the stock fork springs, or aftermarket springs.  In most instances, if you use aftermarket springs, they will improve your ride even more.  See Springs HERE.

2.  If you are still running stock rear shocks, you can complete your suspension upgrade by replacing them with some Performance Shocks.  See them HERE.

3.  We have package deals for complete, front & rear, suspension upgrades, which you can see HERE.

4.  To see our Complete Report on Suspension Testing and Grading of various components, Click HERE.


Customer Reviews

Update to earlier review Review by Bob C
Just an update to my earlier review. Out on a ride today and was forced to really get into the brakes. The difference between the upgraded front end and the original can’t be compared. A world of difference in the ability to really get into the brakes when needed. The upgrade provides a much more controlled transition into braking. (Posted on 5/30/2019)
Front Suspension Upgrade Review by Bob C
I upgraded the suspension on a 2013 883 Iron. Based on DK Custom Products recommendation used the progressive springs and intimidator valves. The ride is now a lot tighter and more comfortable. Glad I made the switch. Don’t even notice bumps that would have jarred me before.

Installation Note: The intimidator valves would not fit into the fork tubes without sanding the expansion rings around them. They also had to be pushed into the tubes with a piece of PVC pipe (recommended by DK Customs). If you install both the springs and valves you also have to cut the provided spacers 5/8 inch shorter than recommended in the instructions. (Posted on 5/28/2019)
Excellent product Review by Owenleeme
I installed these on an 06 XL custom. I also put in progressive forks and a 2 3/4 pre load. Maybe a little too stiff but I can adjust it later. This eliminates break dive and add confidence to down hill cornering! Stock sucks, if you aren't sure DK is always been there to help out and gives the best advice. It well worth the money and probably one of the most underrated mods you can do. Its easy as pie just go on and give it a try! (Posted on 4/20/2019)
150% Better with Race Techs Installed Review by NoSlackPatriot
These were installed in my 2017 H-D XL1200X. First, I installed the Race Tech 1.03kg springs, then later installed the Ricor Intiminators. The RT springs provide a 100% better suspenion over OEM; with the Intiminators installed, the upgrade is 150% better than OEM. The ride retains its sporty performance, but adds a little more plushness to absorb bumbs in the road. Just an all-around better ride! Highly recommend!

Install notes for H-D XL1200X:

OEM Fork Oil Level is 150mm in depth, which converts to 646mL.

With the Ricor Intiminators installed, the fork oil level becomes 155mm, which is 627mL.

The Schedule 40 PVC spacer that comes with the RT Springs required cutting of 12.3mm off the length to account for the Intiminators "washers" space. The RT Spring sits in the recess of the Intiminators, hence the 12.3mm cut; which includes the loss of .74mm due to the unused washer that went between the spring and damper.

Again, very easy install and the ride is vastly better!! Very pleased!! (Posted on 11/2/2018)

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