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Plug-n-Play Pigtail Connector for Stealth PnP R-B-T LED Lights

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Item #: DK-RBT-OPT
Manufacturer: DK Custom Products

DK Custom Plug-n-Play Pigtail Connector for Stealth R-B-T LED Lights Harley Sportster 48 72 Custom Dynamics SEE & BE SEEN



Pigtail Connector

For the Stealth Run-Brake-Turn LED Light

DK Custom Products



  • True Plug-n-Play
  • Allows you to run your stock rear lights & The Stealth R-B-T LED unit
  • Plugs into Harley Connectors


  • DK's Plug-n-Play Pigtail connectors works with the DK Stealth R-B-T Plug-n-Play LED Light  on Sportster 48's, 72's, Irons & Nightsters.  It utilizes standard Harley connectors.  So it is just a matter of unplugging the existing connectors under the seat, and plugging the DK unit in.  No cutting, splicing, or tapping into wires.  Just plug it in. 
  • Will fit some Dyna models  that use the same Harley connectors as the Sportster 48's, 72's, Irons & Nightsters.   If you have a different Model, or would like to save $ and do your own wiring, check out the Universal Stealth RBT LED HERE.
  • This Pigtail connectors allows you to run the stock R-B-T AND the Stealth Plug-n-Play LED R-B-T Light.


IMPORTANT FITMENT NOTE:  The PnP Pigtail connector works with the Plug-n-Play Stealth R-B-T LED Light.  It is Not compatible with the Universal Stealth R-B-T LED Light.

International Models (models made for, & sold outside the USA) have different wiring than Domestic Models (models made & sold in the USA) and the Plug-n-Play Connections will not work properly.  The light will still function if you wire it up manually, however, we cannot support international installations of this unit.  This is a Plug-n-Play for Domestic (USA) Models.

Universal Stealth RBT LED is Available HERE.


 "Not only is the "stealth" placement bad-ass, it was the easiest installation of an electrical item I've ever done!" -Little John

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