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Pro-Action / DK Custom 14" Harley Trike Series Shocks™

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Item #: DK-SHK-14-TRI
Manufacturer: Pro-Action/DK Custom

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 Harley-Davidson DK Custom Products no more dragging pipes Level out Pro-Action/DK Custom Trike Series Shocks


 Tri-Glide Comfort Lift Kit Harley-Davidson DK Custom Products no more dragging pipes Level out Pro-Action/DK Custom Trike Series Shocks





 If you have already have a Lift Kit these will NOT FIT your Trike.

You have 3 choices for fitment of these shocks on your Trike-

1.  Order the Combo Kit at this LINK which has the Trike Series Shocks packaged with the specialy designed Comfort Mount™ for these 14" Shocks.  This will give you the best ride quality and assure fitment.

2.  If you have a 2009-2016 Trike with Factory shock brackets, these shocks will fit.

3.  If you have a 2017-Up Trike, these shocks will ONLY fit properly with the 14" Convertible Comfort Mount™ that is designed specifically for these shocks.

It is Best to Order the Combo Package, but if you don't, please realize they will NOT FIT with any Lift Kit that you may already have installed.



For Harley-Davidson






Features & Specs:

  • CNC machined T6061 aircraft quality billet aluminum
  • 3 stage incrementally pressure sensitive self adjusting compression valving
  • 2 stage pressure sensitive rebound system
  • Light weight-under 2 lbs.
  • Nitrogen gas charged with coil over spring
  • Hard coat anodized
  • 12 port high flow piston
  • 14" Shocks - Longest travel  
  • Hand adjustable threaded spring pre load adjuster
  • Externally adjustable free bleed control
  • Stainless steel spherical bearings in shock eye 
  • Sold as a Pair
  • Developed Specifically for HD Trikes
  • Proprietary charging system
  • Easy Installation
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty


 A Break-Through in Harley-Davidson Trike Suspension

See Full Report HERE

Custom Tuned to Your Trike & Your Riding Style/Loads


  • Co-Developed with DK Custom Products, these 14" Pro-Action Trike Series Shocks™ are a Break-Through in Ride Quality for Harley-Davidson Trikes.
  • With More Travel, afforded by the 14" Shocks, the ability to eat up small and large bumps, turning the harshest jolt into a smooth dip is un-matched.
  • The T6061 Billet aluminum bodies house a unique 3-stage progressive valving system for compression, and a 2 stage rebound system.  Coupled with "fit to you" coil over springs that have an adjustable pre-load, you will be amazed how much smoother and more stable your trike will ride.
  • These Trike Series Shocks™ are 14 inches tall.  Designed to work with the DK Custom 14" Convertible Comfort™ Mount brackets, they not only give you the most suspension travel available for an HD Trike, they also level out your Trike.  No more dragging the tail end.
  • When you order you will be asked some easy questions.  Your answers give us the information needed to use the correct spring rate for your shocks, as well as giving us the info needed to adjust the pre-load and rebound for you.  This way when you receive the shocks they are already set-up for you.  Simply bolt them on and ride! 


See the Shocks in Action




Fits all 2009-2016 Harley-Davidson Trikes (Tri-Glide, Freewheeler, Road Glide 3, FLHXXX) with a 14" Convertible Comfort Mount™ or with factory shock brackets.  They will NOT fit with any Lift Kit other than the 14" Convertible Comfort Mount™

Fits 2017-Up Tri-Glide, Freewheeler, & Road Glide 3 when used with a 14" Convertible Comfort Mount™

Note: Even though the 2009-2016 Trikes will run this Trike Series Shock™ without the 14" Convertible Comfort Mount™, they will sit more level and ride smoother with a 14" Convertible Comfort Mount™.

Click HERE to see details on the 14" Convertible Comfort Mount™

Click HERE to see a Special Package that has both the 14" Trike Series Shocks and the 14" Convertible Comfort Mount™

 Click HERE to see our Testing Video with Live Charts. 

Limited Life Time Warranty Details:

Only for the original purchaser of the shocks
Does not cover accidents, fire, environmental catastrophes (submerged in a flood, etc.) 
Does not cover if the shocks were abused (overloading them), improper installation
If they are installed properly, not overloaded, not damaged by some external force, then they are Lifetime shocks for the original purchaser....if they wear out, they will be rebuilt/replaced  at no charge.


Click HERE for More Information on our Testing of Performance Rear Shocks


"I've finally reached my goal, that I have been working towards for over 100,000 miles of Tri-Glide riding, getting my Tri-Glide to float over ALL the bumps as smoothly as a Softail." Kevin



"Thank goodness for DK Custom Products...TSS shocks I put on a couple of weeks ago.  The trike's ride is improved incredibly. 
My wife and I simply could not believe it was the same vehicle.
...handle like a sports car through the curves, with no bouncing, body rolling, etc., just flat and smooth through the yourself a favor and get a set of these shocks from DK." -Jerry
"I purchased the new rear shocks, and the only thing I can say is Wow! 


The difference is night and day. You won't regret it buying these shocks, the new ride is amazing.-Dan







Click the Rear Shocks Test Report Link below, to learn more about How shocks work. 

Also included in the report are charts, showing performance results of stock, middle of the road, and top performing shocks on many Harley-Davidson Models.


Rear Shocks Test Report

Video of Testing with Live Charts


Understanding the How and Why's of Rear Tire Pressure on Trikes.


Lehman Trikes Correct Tire Pressure

Customer Reviews

O! M! G! Review by HuskerBG
Holy cow!

New to the trike world. New to us 2015 TriGlide. On our first 2-up ride, all my bride could talk about was how rough the ride was. That comment sent me in search of possible solutions. I found many options and lots of opinions about this product being better or that product was the best. Uniformly, the comments on the Comfort Lift and ProAction shocks were the most informative and encouraging. So, we pulled the trigger. Was going to install myself, and I’m sure I could have, but ended up having the H-D dealer do because of time constraints. Talk about night and day difference!!! As I said above… O! M! G! And Holy Cow! Why anyone would want to keep the stock shocks (and no lift kit) is beyond my comprehension. The ride, 1000x smoother! The steering, 1000x improved!

Thanks, DK! (Posted on 4/6/2022)
Great ride Review by Ronald
Easy installation & adjustable. Made rough roads more pleasant to ride. My wife has enjoyed the ride more.

(Posted on 6/10/2021)
shocks Review by Moe
My only complaint is to myself for not putting them on sooner. Ride is so much better. After almost 12 hours of riding felt great not beat up like stock shocks. (Posted on 9/25/2019)
Great product and great customer service. Review by Danger Goodman
Before lift and shocks: Our first 600 miles on the trike were without the lift kit and 14" shocks. I was disappointed in the steering as it was mussy and hard on my arthritic shoulders. My wife described the ride as harsh with the single axle racking from side to side. I could feel her bounce around behind me on the big bumps.

After Kit: My wife and I clicked over 285 miles on a day trip with our Combo Package 14" Trike Shocks and Comfort Lift kit. Nice steering and a much better ride. Wife is much more comfortable. Total mileage with new shocks and lift kit is just over 500 miles. What an improvement.

Trike: 2017 HD TriGlide Ultra
Customer Service: great and knowledgeable.
Delivery: on time and no damage.
Install: written instructions and on-line videos all helpful.
Full lift and no conflicts with exhaust.
Install Time: 1hr 32min. We did the install at my son-n-law's house and he has a great collection of tools.
Deviations: We attached the shock bolt to the lift bracket before attaching the top of the shocks to the trike. This allowed to easily torque the lower shock bolt while it's on the work bench.

Local Test Rides:
1. On gravel driveway I could already feel the difference in steering. Much lighter and the turn onto the street was so easy going from gravel to asphalt. .
2. Slow ride down to the end of the street and steering was surprisingly easy doing u-turns.
3. Solo fast ride looking for bumps, much nicer ride.
4. 45 minute ride with wife. We both could feel the improved ride before we even got on the main road.
5. Our route took us over some small bridges and along some nice curvy roads. Steering and comfort improved. Wife likes the new ride since the trike does not jerk side to side like it did before.
Long Test Ride: 285 miles, southern Louisiana to Natchez MS and back. Small roads, small towns and some freeway runs. Comfort all the way. We got back in the dark and the headlights were pointed down as your instructions indicate. Adjusted them the next night.

Concern: I ride with my wife 90% of the time. My son-n-law and daughter cruise on a 2014 HD Softail Breakout. He accelerates quickly and of-course I try to keep up. On a couple of slow turns but with lot's of throttle coming out of the turn the front wheel has "chattered" a few times. (small quick wheel hops) I could not tell if it was wash-boarding on the road however our front end is all stock and wonder if the new rear upgrades are now showing the front edge needs some upgrades too?

Thanks for a great kit. We will be placing another order very soon. (Posted on 7/25/2019)
what a plush ride Review by Firewrench22
These shocks are awesome. When you hit a bump with rear wheel & the factory shocks, it sends your neck left & right. Not so with these. They soak up the bumps so much better. I live 1/4 mile off the asphalt. I could tell the difference as soon as I pulled out of my driveway, and on the road, wow, what a nice ride. Money well spent in my book! (Posted on 2/22/2018)

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