Benefits of NexGen™ Harley Shocks are:

-Dynamically auto-adjust damping with IAS technology

-Have an Innovative 4" of Travel

-Reduce brake dive due to the IAS damping


 Inertia Active Suspension(IAS) is a patented technology that allows the NexGen™ shocks to dynamically adjust rebound

damping, resulting in improved riding comfort & control. This is acheived via a motion sensing valve in the shock body that

dynamically adjusts the rebound damping to be ideal for both dips and bumps.

Normally, shocks have 1 circuit for for compression & rebound damping.  Within this damping circuit are "shim

stacks" that provide pressure sensitive adjustment to the damping.   Because it is one circuit for both, it is always a


By having 2 separate circuits, one for pressure sensitive circuit for bumps and another damping circuit for dips, the

damping works exceptionally well.  Each damping circuit is set up to optimally and automatically adjust the

damping to the road surfaces, acceleration, braking, and load(weight).


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