Benefits of relocating your Harley oil filter are:

-Less messy oil changes

-Cooler oil/engine temps by getting filter off the engine and in the wind


Cooler oil helps engines last longer!  

By relocating the oil filter,  the filter is out in the wind, there is slightly more oil capacity, and

it's easy to remove the filter during oil changes with no mess!


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Benefits of the Dual Cool Oil Cooler are:

-Forces air through the oil cooler

-Dual Cool bracket forces air directly over front and rear cylinder fins



 The Dual Cool Oil Cooler fits directly behind the vent in the left-side lower.  This forces a strong flow of air through the

Oil Cooler, resulting in superior heat dissipation.The patent-pending Dual Cool Bracket catches swirling air and

channels it through two angle-cut holes, forcing two powerful streams of air directly over the front and rear cylinder

fins. The net result of this Dual-Cool System is a significant drop in oil AND engine temperatures.


If you have a Twin-Cooled Touring Model, the traditional space for an oil cooler is taken up

by the water pump.  While the head temperatures run cooler on a Twin-Cooled, the oil

temperatures run even hotter on the Twin-Cooled than the air cooled.  Part of the reason

for this is the higher compression. The Dual-Cool Oil Cooler System solves this design deficiency.


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