Below is the entire article from a local news report-

"On November 3rd, three motorcyclists were shot as they rode down a freeway in

Carson, CA early Sunday morning, according to California Highway Patrol. 

Apparently, the bikers were able to exit the freeway and make it to an intersection about

three miles away, where they were transported to a nearby hospital for treatment in

unknown condition.

They were riding in a group of five motorcyclists who were shot at in the incident.

Whether the shooting was random or the motorcyclists were targeted is unclear.

A description of the shooter was not available."


Well, that's a little vague. Now....aside from the concern for the bikers & their

families, something else is concerning me...


Google it and click on any one of the mulitiple news articles about it. Notice the dates? Notice the reports, even down to the very

similar wording? Notice how there's NO update of ANY kind, since two days after the shooting? Notice how there's no

witnesses or family members commenting in any of the live news reports? If you're an HDForum member, go and search for it

there. Not a single mention about it. To me, it's all strange, very strange, to say the least.


So, I did some investigating of my own. I called California Highway Patrol looking for updates and was provided with a number

to call for the Investigation Department handling this case, after being told that no one at that location was familiar with this

situation. I called the number I was given and asked if there were any updates on this particular case. I was put on hold for

several minutes for the nice lady to return and tell me that the investigator wasn't in his office at the time and asked for my

contact information so that he could give me a return call as soon as possible. About 5 minutes later, I received a call back,

"No Caller ID"...hmmmm?

I explained to the investigator  that I'm simply looking for an update on the case, as there has been nothing more mentioned of

this incident since it happened over 6 WEEKS AGO; not a single word. He basically said that there was absolutely no other

information that he could give me on this case.

This is where his questions for ME started. He asked me:

Are you with the media?

Who do you work for?

Are you a family member? Friend?

If you aren't related or even know the victims, what importance is an update to you? (basically asking why I care)


.....I'm not gonna lie, the vibe, even over the phone, felt very weird.

My thoughts - 

Is this fake news?

Cover Up?

Motorcycle Club Related?

Where are the other two bikers of the group? Why didn't we hear from them?



If this were three people severly injured while vaping, there would be endless news coverage

and daily updates on the situtation for an entire month. Have any of you heard about this

shooting? Is it just me or does it all seem a little fishy?


Here's a LINK to one of the articles found on google.


Comment below with your thoughts on the situation!