DK Custom Club - Customer Loyalty Program!


The DK Custom Club is a program that works well for You, Our Loyal Customers, and also give us, as a company, a real way to say Thank You!


What are the Benefits?

How do I get in?

Why did DK start the Custom Club?

I'll explain this all below. 


Benefits:  Each New Club Member receives a 'Welcome Package' that includes- 

  • Custom Club Certificate signed by Devin & Kevin (the "DK")
  • Thank You Letter
  • Merch Package with cool stuff; koozies, keychains, stickers, etc.
  • *10% Coupon Code that can be used for the next 12 months on ALL parts with DK Custom Products listed as the manufacturer.

Additional Club Perks:  Sneek Peeks at new products, behind the scene happenings, Specials offers for Custom Club Members, and More!

*The coupon codes are all unique and user specific; each member gets their own personal code.



            ^ Preparing packages to be sent out to our 79 Charter Club Members ^




There are two ways to become a Custom Club Member:

  1. $1000* in purchases, as a Registered Customer, in the last 12 months
  2. 5 or more orders, as a Registered Customer, in the last 12 months where the total was $600* or more

*Product cost only, Shipping cost does not count.

Each month we look at the previous 12 months for New Club Members, so every month there is an opportunity to become a Custom Club Member.



                                           ^Club Members Only Sticker^


Why did we start the program? It's Simple!

We wanted a real way to say Thank You to our loyal Customers, as well as create an incentive for You, the Riders, to think of DK Custom first when an itch for a new mod hits! 

We understand that we are not be able to provide you with every modification or upgrade for your bike.

However, we hope that being a Club Member and knowing You've got a 10% discount in Your pocket, ready to use year round, will put DK first on Your list!


 We Sincerely Appreciate Each & Every One of our Awesome Customers!


Rally Your Riding Friends Together & Spread the Word!

Become a DK Custom Club Member!



Please Note:  For your purchases to show up on the Report as qualifying for Club Membership, you must Create an Account, and be logged into that account when purchasing. 

If you purchase as a "Guest" instead of a "Registered Customer", we very much appreciate your business, and will provide you with the same service as our Registered Customers, but there is no report for us to run to see if you have qualified for Club Membership.