Emphasis On Quality & Precision:

Inside Our Manufacturing Facility Crafting Parts For Harley Davidson Motorcycles

In the small town of Hickory Flat Mississippi, there exists a hidden gem for Bikers, Harley Davidson Enthusiasts and Motorcycle Aficionados alike.

This is a bit about the CNC portion of the shop here at DK Custom. Let's take a closer look at the Craftsmanship, Dedication, and Precision that goes into each part and component.


 HAAS Tools Used:

-TM2p Mill

-ST20y Lathe w/ bar feeder

-VF2ss Mill



Crafting Excellence:

  • DK Custom prides itself on its Meticulous Craftsmanship, Leveraging Computer Numerical Control (CNC) technology to produce Precision-Engineered Parts (that have a Lifetime Warranty) for Harley Davidson motorcycles.
  • Each part undergoes Rigorous Street Development and Street Testing to Ensure Optimal Performance and Durability before it advances to the Design and Production Phase.
  • With State-of-the-Art CNC machines, each part is Precisely Cut from High-Quality USA Sourced Stock, Ensuring Durability and Longevity.



Uncompromising Quality:

  • Quality is Paramount at DK Custom, with each part subjected to Rigorous Inspection Processes to ensure it meets the Highest Standards of Excellence.
  • By utilizing Advanced CNC Technology and adhering to Strict Quality Control Protocols, the shop Guarantees Precision, Consistency, and Reliability in every component produced.
  • From Material selection to Finishing Touches, every step of the Manufacturing Process is Executed with Precision and Care, resulting in parts that Meet a Need and Exceed Expectations in both Form and Function, back by a Lifetime Warranty.



Passion for Harley Davidson:

  • Beyond the Business of Manufacturing parts, DK Custom is driven by a Deep Passion for Harley Davidson motorcycles and the culture that surrounds them.
  • The Team consists of Bikers and Enthusiasts who understand the Unique Demands and Nuances of Harley Davidson bikes, allowing them to approach each project with an Unparalleled Level of Insight and Expertise.
  • This Passion Infuses Every Aspect of the shop's operations, from the Design Phase to the Final Product, ensuring that each part not only Meets Technical Specifications but also Captures the Spirit and Essence of the Harley Davidson Legacy.



Building Community:

  • DK Custom is Not just your average Motorcycle Parts Company; it's a Multifaceted Organization Deeply Rooted in Fostering Connections with its Community of Riders. From our Engaging YouTube Channel Content, showcasing Installation Guides, Product Demonstrations, Tech Tips, and more, to Active Participation in Forums where Bikers and Enthusiasts Exchange Tips and Experiences, DK Custom Provides a Platform for Riders to Connect and Share their Passion for Harley Davidson Motorcycles.
  • Moreover, their Commitment Extends Beyond Virtual Interactions to Personal Engagement, as they Welcome phone calls, Provide Superior Customer Service and Eagerly Meet Fellow Riders Face-to-Face at Events and Gatherings.
  • Through these Diverse Channels, DK Custom Cultivates a Vibrant Community where Riders can find Support, Inspiration, and Camaraderie, Reinforcing its Reputation as Not Just a Parts Supplier, but a Trusted Ally in the Journey of Every Harley Rider.
  • By nurturing this Sense of Community, DK Custom not only Enriches the Lives of its Customers but also Contributes to the Enduring Legacy and Heritage of the Harley Davidson brand.


(Devin & Friend, Jerry, share a fistbump at our Open House event.)

In conclusion, DK Custom Stands as a Testament to the Craftsmanship, Dedication, and Passion that Define the World of Harley Davidson Motorcycles.

Through Extensive Street Development and Street Testing, Precision Engineering, Bespoke Solutions, and an Unwavering Commitment to our Customers and Fellow Riders, the shop continues to Push the Boundaries of Innovation while Honoring the Timeless Tradition of American Craftsmanship.

For Riders seeking to Elevate their Harley Davidson Experience, DK Custom offers not just Street Developed & Street Tested Parts, but Exceptional Customer Service and Quick Accurate Shipping to make the Entire Experience of Modding Your Harley a Satisifying Journey.