The New CVO Models were released in the late summer/early fall of 2023.

Devin placed an order for his right away, and he just received it about a month ago.

The weather has not been much for riding, so it doesn't have many miles on it yet but 

we have already began taking parts off and developing parts for these new models.


In less than 2 weeks, we will have an External Breather System for the Gen II Models available on our site!


Check out this video we made in Sturgis of 2023 showing a close up of the new M8 Engine with the VVT, close ups of the fairings, and more-



Fast forward to Januray 2024 and the reveal of the new M8 Models & Engines. The changes for the new lineup in 2024 can get a little

confusing and we are thinking that Harley may have purposely made the information vague, in order to get more people into the dealerships for the "full skinny".

So, we are going break down some of the differences.


Below is the information we have-

Nothing changed on the following-
Softails, also known as "Cruisers", all the parts at the following link will fit-
All Trike Models, all the parts at the following link will fit-
The Softails and Trikes have the Generation I (Gen I) M8 engine...same as before.
On the Touring model lineup is where it can get confusing.
Before we get into the specifics of the changes in the Touring models, let's address the Gen I and Gen II M8 engines.
Gen II is the M8 engine with some changes:
ALL GEN II engines have the following changes:
  1.  A new ECM,
  1. A new Throttle Body and breather system. 
  1. They all have a different Timing or points or Cam cover.  This is because they ALL have a "Cam Proximity Sensor".  
  1. Some have VVT (Variable Valve Timing) some do Not.  You can tell if they do by if they have VVT on the new Timing cover or not.
 Below are photos of the new that is on the Gen II M8 without VVT and one that has VVT.
  1. All Gen II M8's also have either the New Batwing Fairing or the New Road Glide fairing.
  1. All Gen II M8's are either 117's or 121's.


Now, Let's look at the Touring Model Line up.
On the three following models, they are Gen I M8's, and are unchanged (except colors) from 2023.
  1. Road King Special
  2. Road Glide Limited
  3. Ultra Limited


On the following 5, they all have Gen II M8's, as outlined above.
  1. Street Glide  (which is a 117 and NON-VVT Gen II M8)
  2. Road Glide  (which is a 117 and NON-VVT Gen II M8)
  3. CVO Road Glide ST (which is a 121 and NON-VVT Gen II M8)
  4. CVO Street Glide (which is a 121 and IS a VVT Gen II M8)
  5. CVO Road Glide (which is a 121 and IS a VVT Gen II M8)
So you see there are only two VVT models for 2024 (same as the 2023.5 CVO Street Glide and Road Glide).
For More Details on the 6 Differences Listed Above, Check Out This Video-

HERE'S A LINK to all External Breather Systems for all other models. 


We've also begun developing an air cleaner for the Gen II, but it is still 2-3 months out.

HERE'S A LINK for all air cleaner systems for other models.


We know that the Oil Filter Relocation Kits will fit the Gen II models. However, an oil cooler is still a couple months out as well. 

HERE'S A LINK for all Oil Filter Relocation Kits and Oil Coolers for other models.