Here is why it is very important to upgrade to heavy duty axle bearing retainer plates-

- No More Banging up the Bearing

- No More wearing the inner diameter of the axle housing

- No More Back & forth Tire/Wheel Movement, which Results in Clicking & Clanking


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The factory plates are thin, made from a stamped material.  When lateral stress is put on

the bearings (everytime the trike goes through a turn), it deforms these plates.

Over time, this leaves a space between the plate and the bearing.  The bearing then

begins rocking back and forth inside the axle housing, banging against the plates

The bearings being loose in the housing results in clicking/clanking in the rear end, and

can cause wandering on the road, & excessive rubber swingarm bushing wear and

excessive wear on axle splines.

On the factory plate there is no seal to keep water from going into the axle housing, and

causing rust in an area that is machined to a needed tight tolerance.



Taking the extra time to machine a groove for an O-Ring, the axle housing is now sealed

from getting water in it, where it can sit and rust.


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