Do These Things FIRST To Ensure The Best Ride Possible!

-The Comfort Triangle

-Better Exhaust Note w/ More Power

-Free Flowing Intake for More Power & Better Cooling

-Vent Externally for More Power & Better Cooling

-Lift Your Tank For Better Cooling & More Comfort

-Axle Bearing Retainer Plates(Trikes) for More Safety



The Comfort Triangle-

There are 3 simple steps to get your ride set up for you using the Comfort Triangle:


  1. Foot Placement & Security

  2. Butt Placement & Comfort

  3. Grip Placement

Foot placement is one of the most overlooked aspects of safe & comfortable motorcycling.

You want to have 3 Things Covered:


  1. Your feet in a comfortable position in relation to your butt

  2. Security- You want your feet to stay where you put them regardless of the wind or hitting a bump

  3. Multiple positions for your feet.  This allows for shifting the weight around on your butt, and allows for different leg/knee positions...both of these are critical for comfort while riding, especially on longer rides.

We have a Large selection of Classic Footpegs & Floorboards, Highway Pegs, Heel Rests, Peg Mounting Hardware & Floorboard Extenstions.

See All Foot Controls, Pedals, & Extensions HERE

Finding the perfect handlebar position for you can make all the difference!


This is a tried & true way to find the most comfortable handlebar position-

  • Sit on your bike
  • Have someone hold it up straight for you
  • Put your feet on the pegs
  • Close your eyes
  • Put your hands out to where it is most comfortable to hold them
  • Open your eyes...where ever your hands are, that is where you want the handlebar grips to be

With this information you can adjust your existing handlebars or visit a trusted vendor to get some bars that put the grips where You need them for max comfort.

If your bars just need a slight amount up or back movement, you can see our handlebar riser extensions HERE.



 Better Exhaust Note & More Power

The key to more power from your Harley exhaust is this-

As little backpressure as possible and as much reduction in reversion as possible.

It is wrongly assumed that the backpressure that baffles create increases power.  It is the

reduction in reversion from baffles that increases power.

 What would be best is if there could be a reduction of reversion WITHOUT an increase in backpressure.

Go HERE to See Thunder Torque Inserts™ for reducing reversion.

No only do the TTI reduce reversion, but they also deepen the tone, giving a much throatier rumble/note.

They will work in any exhaust, stock or aftermarket. Go HERE to see Full Exhaust Systems, Slip Ons, Headers & More.



Free-Flowing Intake For More Power & Better Cooling-


Getting rid of the OEM Harley 'hotbox' is CRUCIAL for more power. Engines run best on cool, clean air.

With the stock 'hotbox', the air is hot and dirty by the time it makes it to the engine, partly because of the huge, encased housing around the fitler element.

This causes the bike to run hotter. Plus, have you looked at  your stock filter? It's TINY. No way that can give the air your engine needs to run at it's best.

Running an open-style air cleaner like seen above, with a larger filter element will give you more power and better cooling.

Go HERE to See TRUE Highflow Air Cleaner Systems.

We mentioned dirty air. The next thing on the list of important essentials for your Harley addresses just that.



Better Longevity, Power, & Cooling with an External Breather System


As most may know, EPA mandates have Harley-Davidson, & almost every aftermarket air cleaner company, pushing the blow-by into the air cleaner.  

The blow-by that comes out of the breathers is primarily exhaust gasses and oil, it is also hot.   This is counter-productive to performance & engine longevity.  

Harley engines perform better with cool dry air & gasoline, not hot, oily air and gas. 

An EBS routes this hot, oily, oxygen depleted air to the atmosphere, instead of into the combustion chambers via the air cleaner.

Go HERE to See External Breather System options for many different types of air cleaners, including stock.



Better Air Flow & Less Buffeting with a Tank Lift

The cooling aspect from lifting the tank because the tank is no longer trapping heat, but instead, it is pushing more air across the top of the engine.

The Tank Lift is simply one of many items that work well in cooling your engine

Since air flow is now directed to the engine, this means less air going over the tank and contacting the rider.

For most riders, this means there is a noticable reduction in "wind buffeting". This varies depending on height, helmet, how one sits and other individual variables.

Go HERE to See More on Tank Lift Kits



Lastly, For Trike Owners, This One is Especially Important!

Does your Tri-Glide or Freewheeler's rear end feel like something is loose, or clicking, when rocked side to side?

Chances are it does!

...The reason for this is because of the very thin bearing retainer plates that are used in the rear end. 

Not only are the OEM retainer plates structurally weak, they also lack adequate capability to seal and protect the bearings from moisture, dirt, and debris.

Because of loose HD tolerances, AND because the bearing retainer plate is a stamped material, AND too thin, it loses (or never had) it's completely flat surface. The result is that there is space between the outer bearing surface and the retainer plate.

This allows the bearing to move inside the axle housing, resulting in:

1. Banging up the bearing

2. Banging up/wearing the inner diameter of the axle housing

3. Back & forth Tire/wheel movement, which results in clicking, clanking and #4 below

4. Since the wheel end of the axle has rocking movement, that means the far end of the axle (which sits in the differential) has even more up and down movement. This results in worn splines, or worse!

What you need are Heavy Duty Axle Bearing Retainer Plates.

You can see those HERE.