The Benefits of Intiminator Valves are:

-Reduced Front Brake Dive

-Less Loose/Wallowing Feeling

-Improved Traction & Stability


The Intiminator sidesteps the limitation of damper-rod forks by taking the damper rod out of
the suspension equation. This is done by using a light weight fork oil, which is so thin that
it passes through the damper orifices without producing any noticeable damping effect,
almost no matter what the wheel speed.

The Intiminator itself is an improvement over the fixed orifices in the damper rod. It uses a

flexible shim stack (in the larger-diameter base) like those in sophisticated cartridge forks, and

an inertia valve (the brass-colored part under the nut on top) that opens up a bypass for faster

oil flow at high compression speeds.


At low speeds over the kinds of bumps you encounter on the street, the shims alone provide

damping, controlling the flow of oil and bending to allow more through if needed.


At higher speeds the motion sensing inertia valve takes over. It sits on a light spring, and

remains closed until the wheel begins to move upward sharply; it then slides down and opens

a port through the middle of the Intiminator that lets the fork oil flow freely, allowing the

wheel to get up and over the bump as quickly as possible


Under braking, which causes the front end of the bike to pitch as weight transfers onto the

front wheel, the inertia valve remains closed, and the shim stack’s damping effect

moderates dive. In this way the Intinimator reacts differently to wheel movement (hitting a

bump) and chassis movement (hitting the brakes).  


The net result is front forks with amazing compliance characteristics.  MUCH Better than
monotubes and mid range cartridge systems, and approaching the quality of an expensive
cartridge system.


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