Benefits of using FB16 Passenger Floorboard Relocators are:

-16 different possible mounting positions

-More comfortable/natural sitting position

-Get passenger thighs off grab handles and legs away from heat



These passenger floorboard relocators extend the floorboards outward by 1". They also move the floorboards forward OR

rearward by 3/8". There are 16 different possile mounting positions. The highest up position is 2" higher than the highest

factory position. The lowest position is 1 5/16" lower than the lowest factory position.


In most cases, this combination gets the passengers thighs OFF the grab handles, making for a much more comfortable ride.

They do not require any modification to the bike. Give your passenger room to

get their legs away from the heat and to stretch out on those long rides


Check out this video-


Go HERE to See More Info on FB16 Passenger Floorboard Relocators