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Stealth LED Run-Brake-Turn Lights - True Plug-n-Play Sportster

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Manufacturer: DK Custom Products


DK Custom Stealth LED Run-Brake-Turn Lights - True Plug-n-Play Harley Sportster 48 72 Custom Dynamics SEE & BE SEEN





DK Custom Products



  • True Plug-n-Play
  • Measures 6.9" end to end
  • LED Strip is 1/4" square w/ smoked tubing
  • Stealth fitment on underside of the rear fender
  • Lights point BACK, not down toward the ground
  • Option to keep stock Lights & run the Stealth LED R-B-T Unit
  • No Load Equalizer needed
  • Comes w/ step-by-step instructions, wiring blocks, & zip ties



DK Custom Revolutionizes Run-Brake-Turn LED's for 48's, 72's, Irons & Nightsters!

  • DK's Stealth Plug-n-Play LED R-B-T unit has been tested on Sportster 48's, 72's, Irons & Nightsters.  It utilizes standard Harley connectors.  So it is just a matter of unplugging the existing connectors under the seat, and plugging the DK unit in.  No cutting, splicing, or tapping into wires.  Just plug it in. 
  • Will fit some Dyna models that use the same Harley connectors as the Sportster 48's, 72's, Irons & Nightsters.   If you have a different Model, or would like to save $ and do your own wiring, check out the Universal Stealth RBT LED HERE.
  • The Sportster 48's, 72's, Irons & Nightsters currently have the Run-Brake-Turn all in the two lights that come off the rear fender struts.  This Plug-n-Play replaces them.  OR, if you wish, there is an optional P-N-P pigtail connector that will allow you to run the stock R-B-T AND the Stealth R-B-T Light.
  • If you have a 2014 or later, you do NOT need a load equalizer.  
  • If you have a 2013 or earlier, & are running the stock front turn signals, you do Not need a load equalizer.  
  • If you have a 2013 or earlier, & you're running LED front turn signals, but keep the rear lights on fender struts, you do NOT need a load equalizer.  
  • The Only time you need a load equalizer is if you have a 2013 or earlier, And have LED turn signals up front, And you remove the stock lights from the rear fender struts, then you will need a load equalizer, which you can see HERE
  •  The LED Strip has smoked tubing, & is Custom Designed to fit the rear fender.  It is affixed to the underside of the fender and the lights point Back, toward traffic, instead of down toward the ground.
  • Even if your bike is lowered, the tire will not hit the LED's.  The 48 in the pictures below is lowered 1.75", and the tire still can't touch the LED unit. Please note, this is a stock fender.  If you have a chopped fender, please measure the distance between the fender and tire to verify clearance when the suspension is fully compressed, and leave an extra 3/8" more to accommodate tire growth. 


IMPORTANT FITMENT NOTE:  International Models (models made for, & sold outside the USA) have different wiring than Domestic Models (models made & sold in the USA) and the Plug-n-Play Connections will not work properly.  The light will still function if you wire it up manually, however, we cannot support international installations of this unit.  This is a Plug-n-Play for Domestic (USA) Models.

Universal Stealth RBT LED is Available HERE.


 Check out All the pictures above.  

"Not only is the "stealth" placement bad-ass, it was the easiest installation of an electrical item I've ever done!" -Little John

Customer Reviews

Perfect Review by Dentdude
Fits perfectly, functions great and looks awesome on the rear fender i chopped. (Posted on 11/29/2021)
Awesome looks! - easy install. Review by CraigM
If you're looking for a stealthy tail light this is it! I got the plug-and-play version and it really was super easy to install, plus it looks awesome! Highly recommended. (Posted on 6/21/2019)
Awesome Review by Danny
DK Customs is amazing.... I purchased the plug and play Stealth R-B-T and had a problem with the one LED burning out, I contacted DK and they were professionals. They asked a few questions and sent me a new replacement kit.
Truly great company and products. Thanks again DK. My one stop Shop... (Posted on 6/14/2019)
Perfect Review by Dr_hogginstein
Exactly what I was looking for. A small compact light that didn’t scrub, because the bike was lowered. A1 product (Posted on 1/27/2019)
Quality is A1 Review by Dr_hogginstein
Quality is A1 for this product. All other rear fender lights on eBay scrubbed due to bike bend lowered. Item is small and compact (Posted on 1/27/2019)

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