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XL-ViED Fuel Enrichment Harley EFI Plug-n-Play 2014-Up Sportster

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Item #: DK-XLVIED-14-NR
Manufacturer: DK Custom Products

FL-ViED-10 Fuel Enrichment for Harley EFI Plug-n-Play DK Custom Harley-Davidson  Lowers Engine & Exhaust Temps - Improves Throttle Response

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Dynamic Tuning For Harley-Davidson Motorcycles
Variable Inline Enrichment Device


A Cost Effective Alternative to an Aftermarket Tuner & Dyno Runs.

This Patented Device Dynamically Adjusts to Changes Made to Your Bike!

XL-ViED-14's will cool your bike down and make it run better!


The Plug-n-Play XL-ViED-14 richens the Air Fuel Ratio from14.6:1 to a range of 14.3-13.9:1 in closed loop mode.  

This Variable Fuel management upgrade allows you to fine-tune the air fuel mixture with a small screwdriver.

Immediate Benefits:

  • Lower Engine Temperature
  • Lower Exhaust Temperature
  • Improved Throttle Response
  • Reduced Surging
  • Reduced Pinging



  • Sportster 2014 - Up Models  

Recommended for: Stock Bikes, & Stage I Bikes (High Flow Intake & Exhaust) Will NOT Work with Stage II, III, or IV.

These work great with 2014-2017 Sportsters.  On 2018 and up Sportsters they function just as well,increasing the fuel for better running, less lean condition.  But they do throw a CEL and some codes.  This does not impair the function at all, but it is annoying that the CEL is lit and the codes are logged.

Simple install-comes with instructions.  No tools required, installs in a few minutes.


2007-2013 Sportsters use the ViED, XiED or the X14iED.

LINK to All Dynamic Tuners.



They work inline with the smaller H-D Delphi heated narrow band 02 sensors and Delphi ECM to richen the fuel mixtures, adding up to 6% more fuel to the engine in closed loop mode.

There is an indirect richening of the open loop fuel mixtures through the learning mode, or adaptive fuel value action built into your ECM.  This ensures the richer 13.8-12.5:1 AFR's are ALSO adjusted in heavy/full throttle operation.


I like that it allowed me to fine-tune the AFR to my riding style.  Very happy with the cooler, smoother running motor. -Tim


"409” ignition wires provide continuous heat protection up to 600-degrees Fahrenheit



Customer Reviews

returns Review by squirrel
I ordered the wrong kit at first. Returning it was easy. Got my credit and ordered proper kit.Easy to install. DK customs is a great place to shop even when you make a mistake. THANKS (Posted on 10/22/2021)
Good stuff Review by Nelson
I have a 2014 883. I have the Vance and Vince twin slash slip on’s and had some pop on decel. I installed a K&N air filter with stock housing and my bike was running hot and lagging on acceleration. I ordered these VIED’S and installed. After installing I rode the bike and felt the difference right away. The bike runs cooler and response perfect to throttle. Feels like it’s faster and runs well. I still have some pop but not as much. Maybe need to turn adjust the percentage a bit. Overall I recommend and thumbs up guys! (Posted on 8/22/2021)
They work!!! Review by Robster
Almost didn’t buy these because, you know, too good to be true, right? Wrong! Buy them! They work! Saved hundreds in a tune and kept my warranty in tact all while drastically increasing the performance of my lightly modified iron 883. I got these and a 587 a/c with breather bolts and I could not be happier! Didn’t even change the pipes (yet) and after about an hour of ride time on the bike it’s like I’m riding a different motorcycle! So much more responsive, more torque everywhere, even changed the sound. Terrific, terrific, value for your dollar right here! So glad I found DK Customs! They are the real deal and so are these! If you’re after a real, working, difference making, stage 1 then get these. Unless you just have to have an expensive tuner, there’s no reason not to put these on your bike and watch them do there thing, mile after mile. They freaking work! (Posted on 8/2/2021)
Budget option Review by Erik
For the price you can’t beat it. It fit and works great on my 2019 iron 883 with full exhaust and a velocity stack intake. It does have a check engine light since it’s the 2019, but I’m fine with that to save $400 over the other tuning options (Posted on 3/11/2021)
Economical, Functional Review by mike
Fit was perfect, easy install,unobtrusive.Have not put on enough miles to see full results yet, But throttle is crisper and does not surge as much.I set front cylinder at 50% and rear at about 60% Another 200 miles will provide more opinion.But for the moneyi recommend this product. (Posted on 7/2/2020)
great product Review by gotbeer2play
easy install, easy to adjust, works better than the cobra fi2000 powrpro black tuner that was on bike. (Posted on 8/6/2019)

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