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XL-ViED Fuel Enrichment Harley EFI Plug-n-Play 2014-Up Sportster

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Item #: DK-XLVIED-14-NR
Manufacturer: DK Custom Products

FL-ViED-10 Fuel Enrichment for Harley EFI Plug-n-Play DK Custom Harley-Davidson  Lowers Engine & Exhaust Temps - Improves Throttle Response

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Dynamic Tuning For Harley-Davidson Motorcycles
Variable Inline Enrichment Device


A Cost Effective Alternative to an Aftermarket Tuner & Dyno Runs.

This Patented Device Dynamically Adjusts to Changes Made to Your Bike!

XL-ViED-14's will cool your bike down and make it run better!


The Plug-n-Play XL-ViED-14 richens the Air Fuel Ratio from14.6:1 to a range of 14.3-13.9:1 in closed loop mode.  

This Variable Fuel management upgrade allows you to fine-tune the air fuel mixture with a small screwdriver.

Immediate Benefits:

  • Lower Engine Temperature
  • Lower Exhaust Temperature
  • Improved Throttle Response
  • Reduced Surging
  • Reduced Pinging



  • Sportster 2014 - Up Models  

Recommended for: Stock Bikes, & Stage I Bikes (High Flow Intake & Exhaust) Will NOT Work with Stage II, III, or IV.

These work great with 2014-2017 Sportsters.  On 2018 and up Sportsters they function just as well,increasing the fuel for better running, less lean condition.  But they do throw a CEL and some codes.  This does not impair the function at all, but it is annoying that the CEL is lit and the codes are logged.

Simple install-comes with instructions.  No tools required, installs in a few minutes.


2007-2013 Sportsters use the ViED, XiED or the X14iED.

LINK to All Dynamic Tuners.



They work inline with the smaller H-D Delphi heated narrow band 02 sensors and Delphi ECM to richen the fuel mixtures, adding up to 6% more fuel to the engine in closed loop mode.

There is an indirect richening of the open loop fuel mixtures through the learning mode, or adaptive fuel value action built into your ECM.  This ensures the richer 13.8-12.5:1 AFR's are ALSO adjusted in heavy/full throttle operation.


I like that it allowed me to fine-tune the AFR to my riding style.  Very happy with the cooler, smoother running motor. -Tim


"409” ignition wires provide continuous heat protection up to 600-degrees Fahrenheit



Posted by Stephen P Mullen on 10/1/2009 to HD Tech Notes


What do the 131/151 codes mean?
The codes are specifically listed as P0131 and P0151 codes. The description in the Service Manual is:
P0131    Front O2 sensor low or engine running lean
P0151    Rear O2 sensor low or engine running lean
The key point to look at here is "O2 sensor low" when analyzing what is happening with the XIED's in place. The O2 sensor produces a 0.0 to 1.0 Volt output. Any voltage lower than a preset threshold in the ECM can trigger the 131/151 errors. Lower voltage equates to a leaner fuel mixture in the eyes of the ECM. The XIED's take a higher voltage from the O2 sensor and "shift" it to a lower voltage for the ECM to read. In some circumstances, the ECM will see this low voltage as "too low" and trigger the code despite the fact that the engine is running rich enough. The IED's take advantage of this voltage shift to richen the mixture.
So the engine can be running rich and the ECM might still trigger the "sensor low" signal.
There are also other reasons that the ECM will trigger the codes that we will try to cover below.

Will these codes hurt my bike?
No. These are historic codes and are not active. As long as these are the only engine codes you have and you do not have an active Check Engine light on, they can be safely ignored.

Do all bikes get these codes with IED's installed?
No. Many bikes never see these codes. You could also have the codes and never know it. Unless you check the historical codes on your bike, you might never see these.

Do completely stock bikes get these errors?
 Completely stock bikes get these 131/151 errors on a regular basis as evidence that Harley has included a note to "clear and ignore" these codes in their Service Manual.

Don't historical codes mean there is a problem?
No. Historical codes only mean the ECM saw something it did not expect. If the code is considered a potential problem or there is a risk of damage to the engine, the ECM will turn on the Check Engine light. No such situation exists with the 131/151 codes. The Harley Service Manual actually notes that these codes should be "cleared and ignored".

I have read that these codes cause the ECM to revert back to open loop mode. Is this true?
No. The ECM will only revert to open loop operation if there is an active error code. Active error codes will cause the Check Engine light to come on. As long as you have no CE light, your bike will run in closed loop for normal riding situations.

When I take the XiED's off my bike, the codes go away. Doesn't this prove the XiED's are creating the problem?
No. It can be easy to confuse the installation of the IED's as the cause of the error. This is a normal reaction and quite understandable for the average rider. In engineering circles there is something known as "root cause" analysis. The "trigger" mechanism is not always the cause of a problem. In this case, the "trigger" is the IED's. The IED's do make the ECM more prone to showing these codes, but there are a host of issues that cause the codes. Harley has documented many of these causes in their Service Manuals. A copy of the specific section of the Service Manual is listed below.

Are there other things that can cause the error codes?
Yes. We have information from an EPA testing laboratory that there are several other issues associated with these codes. These are engineering issues that are deeply embedded into the HD Delphi ECM. Our information also indicates that Harley is aware of these issues, but does not have plans to create any upgrades to eliminate know problems.

Can you get rid of the 131/151 codes?
 It is important that a rider ensure that they have eliminated the common reasons for triggering the codes with the IED's installed. The primary triggers are exhaust leaks and loose O2 sensors. Even the smallest exhaust leak can trigger the codes. We have found that many of the bikes that have codes will get rid of them when they carefully check their exhaust system.

Can I just run my bike with the codes and not worry?
As long as you do not get an active check engine light, you can run your bike with the IED's. For any active check engine light, you want to have that checked to find out what is setting off the CE light.

Customer Reviews

Excellent Review by Tyler
2014 72 was so lean it wouldn't run smooth below 2500 RPM. Now it does! You can set them too rich, so follow the instructions.
Thanks! (Posted on 5/16/2023)
playing with the adjustment Review by tex
i put them on 50% to start, i can hear a better exhaust sound from the start-up, no surge or pop just stronger power, it will lug down like a tractor now and has better response at all rpm. gonna kick it up a notch next ride and see what happens. (Posted on 2/20/2023)
Anticipating cooler engine temps! Review by Skip
I have the V-ied for Sportsters. And we know Sporty's run lean & hot! I just installed it, and since it is cool weather right now, I have not noticed any real difference. It would take a heat probe to see the difference in temperature values. I don't usually hear any decell popping, so I can't say that has changed either. Until I get a few tanks of fuel burned I won't know the economy difference either. What I do know is from previous experience with other air cooled engines and I believe D&K and what they say. Too lean isn't good for anything except making heat and causing problems down the road. Either get a tuner or the V-ied. Your engine will thank you. (Posted on 1/1/2023)
Amazed! Review by Maria
XL-ViED works! My 2014 Harley Fortyeight XL1200X came with slip ons and aftermarket breather but no tune. Bike is purring now, great response, no decel pop, runs cooler, sounds so much better, no stalls from running too lean, a different bike! I'm so glad I kept at researching till I found DK Custom's answer to my problem. Easy install, easy adjustment and so affordable. Great product! (Posted on 11/15/2022)
XL-ViED 2014. 1200 Custom Review by Glen
My bike was extremely lean from the factory. I ordered and got the ViEDs very quickly and with great communications along the way.
My bike runs much better, without any surging and will ride at a steady speed now.
Great product and great people!
Thanks, Glen (Posted on 10/7/2022)
Pleasantly surprised : Review by Sportster 48
I had my doubts but was extremely surprised with the results; set mine at 75% on my 2021 sportster 48 and I am very happy with the results; the throttle has a noticeable difference which I really enjoy, bike runs better than before installing this product, the only issue is the check engine light is on due to codes, you can reset but the light comes back on after a while; no big issue, ride and enjoy, I recommend this product. (Posted on 9/13/2022)
returns Review by squirrel
I ordered the wrong kit at first. Returning it was easy. Got my credit and ordered proper kit.Easy to install. DK customs is a great place to shop even when you make a mistake. THANKS (Posted on 10/22/2021)
Good stuff Review by Nelson
I have a 2014 883. I have the Vance and Vince twin slash slip on’s and had some pop on decel. I installed a K&N air filter with stock housing and my bike was running hot and lagging on acceleration. I ordered these VIED’S and installed. After installing I rode the bike and felt the difference right away. The bike runs cooler and response perfect to throttle. Feels like it’s faster and runs well. I still have some pop but not as much. Maybe need to turn adjust the percentage a bit. Overall I recommend and thumbs up guys! (Posted on 8/22/2021)
They work!!! Review by Robster
Almost didn’t buy these because, you know, too good to be true, right? Wrong! Buy them! They work! Saved hundreds in a tune and kept my warranty in tact all while drastically increasing the performance of my lightly modified iron 883. I got these and a 587 a/c with breather bolts and I could not be happier! Didn’t even change the pipes (yet) and after about an hour of ride time on the bike it’s like I’m riding a different motorcycle! So much more responsive, more torque everywhere, even changed the sound. Terrific, terrific, value for your dollar right here! So glad I found DK Customs! They are the real deal and so are these! If you’re after a real, working, difference making, stage 1 then get these. Unless you just have to have an expensive tuner, there’s no reason not to put these on your bike and watch them do there thing, mile after mile. They freaking work! (Posted on 8/2/2021)
Budget option Review by Erik
For the price you can’t beat it. It fit and works great on my 2019 iron 883 with full exhaust and a velocity stack intake. It does have a check engine light since it’s the 2019, but I’m fine with that to save $400 over the other tuning options (Posted on 3/11/2021)
Economical, Functional Review by mike
Fit was perfect, easy install,unobtrusive.Have not put on enough miles to see full results yet, But throttle is crisper and does not surge as much.I set front cylinder at 50% and rear at about 60% Another 200 miles will provide more opinion.But for the moneyi recommend this product. (Posted on 7/2/2020)
great product Review by gotbeer2play
easy install, easy to adjust, works better than the cobra fi2000 powrpro black tuner that was on bike. (Posted on 8/6/2019)

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