We all remember the disbelief we felt when HD announced the death of the Dyna. (Moment of Silence...RIP Dyna)


Bikes like the Street Glide & M8 Softails show that HD still builds good cruiser/touring motorcycles.


But that is certainly NOT enough to sustain the brand of the “American V-Twin”.


Last year, HD announced the concept of the Pan America & The Bronx and soon after announced production - 



Two weird new Harleys for this weird new world. HD soon after put a hold on the Bronx & said that “adventure/touring would be their focus going into this year”.

With that being said, the Pan America looks like it is part, or all, of the upcoming VIRTUAL REVEAL. 


Now, it seems another bike is coming online soon. HD announced they would be bringing another concept into production this year...


The HD Custom 1250.


This is where I’m wondering....are they giving the Sporty the axe like they did the Dyna, with plans to say that this is the replacement? I hope not.





The BIG QUESTION IS... with the Sportster being a 1200 & the Custom being a 1250....will they really keep them both???


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