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Day 1- Jonesboro

Our plans were to leave on our trip tomorrow morning. This plan has been in place for over 2 months.

BUT...this afternoon, around 4:30, we looked at each other and said....why not leave now?

So we did....we left out at 5:30 this afternoon...just to get out on the road.

Almost forgot to get a pic before leaving....Mary with her new WHITE helmet.

It had just finished raining at the house when we left. It's pretty warm, that is steam coming up off the road up ahead.

...we figured we could miss most of the rain between here and Jonesboro. Even if we did hit some, the forecast for tomorrow is also rain.

After taking about 30 miles of backroads, we ended up on the interstate and crossing into Tennessee.

We did not spend long in Tennessee before getting on the bridge to cross the Mississippi River into Arkansas.

We are finally on the road!!! Even though it takes 3-4 days before settling into road life...we got started, and it feels good knowing we're out traveling for the next 40+ days!

Rain to the left of us...lots of lightening, but it's a ways off.

Mary in the mirror....we are taking a slight detour here, to get around a pretty big storm we were headed straight into...

...rode thru a lot of Arkansas farmland on some back roads, they had seen some heavy rain right before we got there...

...we threaded the needle a few times, missing the heavy rain and....

...just riding thru a little light rain here and there.

Those of you that have read our previous Ride Reports know that Mary likes Cloud's one as we get close to Jonesboro, Arkansas, around 7:30 pm.

More coming soon.