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Kevin's Deluxe Heritage

I am happy with how it has turned out, and it is a blast to ride!


List of mods done since purchase-


Teal & Birch White paint on tins...Discontinued HD Tank Decals found on ebay

All Heritage fender trim changed to Deluxe fender trim

Whitewalls with Dyna Beads

DK Coil Relocation

DK 2" Tank Lift w/ Deluxe Option

DK Outlaw HiFlow 587 Air Cleaner (Chrome Cyclone)

Matching paint to A/C backplate

HiPerf Reusable Billet Oil Filter

Samson TD Long Tails with Baffles and Thunder Torque Inserts

ECM Tuned for Stage 1 SESPT

HD Luggage Rack

Bag stiffeners

Removed Reflectors

Removed rear cylinder heat shields

Added 1800 miles of riding


I recently finished doing some more mods to it, just tweaking a little, here and there, to get it more like what I want.

Another mod I did in the handlebar area...I had originally put some 2" LA Chopper riser extension on. I have a bad left shoulder and on longer rides it really starts hurting if I don't have the bars in close to me. The 2" risers helped, but not enough.


I've had some Wild One Chubby 5.5" pull back risers sitting on the shelf for months. I finally took the time to install them.

With the handlebars a bit higher and much closer to me, it is MUCH more comfortable! They don't exactly follow the lines of the forks, but that is a form sacrifice made for my shoulder.


I also swapped out the HD grips that came with the bike for some super comfortable ISO Grips.

On the other end of the bike, following my personal motto of SEE & BE SEEN, I added some Run-Brake-Turn LED Lights to the bottom of the bags.

Also, in keeping with increased visibility, I swapped out the stock bulbs for LED Lights in the headlight and passing lights. These make a huge difference when riding at night, which we do a fair amount of.

Final thing I did in the lighting arena was to add Stealth LED Front turn Signals/White running lights. They are visible, even in bright daylight, at night they really pop.

We ride a lot of longer trips, and Mary wanted some more room, so we moved her back rest backwards a few inches.


It was a simple mod, I drilled a new hole in each of the backrest bracket arms, allowing the entire unit to be mounted further back on the fender struts.


I thought with the backrest so far behind the seat that her butt would be hanging off the back of the seat, but it doesn't and she is really enjoying the extra room.



To make changing the oil easier, and help cool down the engine temps, I relocated the oil filter to the downtube...



...this is where I used to have my oil cooler... I just moved the Oil Cooler to the other side.


If you've read my Report on why & how to cool down a Twin Cam, a couple of ways to do that is with some Wards Fans, and to get the coil & fake seat post out from blocking the air around the back cylinder.


Here's a pic of the two, along with a Chrome Billet cover for the coil.


Final couple of things I did to add some comfort and looks was an Extended Brake Lever (that matches my heel rests) and gives easier control over the rear brakes.



New, nicer, slightly larger ISO brake pedal, that also matches my ISO Grips. Another incremental improvement that gives more control in slow speed maneuvering...looks good too.


This Softail was recently featured in Wheels of Grace Magazine with a brief write-up about the bike.