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Technical Tips & Reports

  1. Performance


    We are all about fast bikes! Here are a few tips to get your bike ahead of the flock of Screamin' Seagulls.
  2. Cooling


    Death, Taxes, And Harley Engine Heat... Facts of life, right?
  3. Suspension


    Suspension is not just about comfort, but also about safety & good handling.
  4. Comfort


    Comfort is King! If your bike isn't Comfortable, ride time will be drastically reduced... Here are a few tips to achieve more seat time.
  5. Tech Tip Videos
  6. Installation Videos
  7. Tech Reviews

    Tech Reviews

    We have been testing & manufacturing parts since 2009... Here is a bit of info we picked up along the way.
  8. Installation


    Rest easy knowing that part is installed correctly.