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Day 10 - Woodland Park

Day 9 we spent relaxing in Ouray, visiting with Fuzzy. Don't think we solved any world problems, but we had a really great day visiting! And, yes, we completely forgot to get any photos!

Day 10-

Wow, that TG is DIRTY! We're packed up and heading out...

...The Rivers Edge. We've stayed here a couple of times. Really nice place, and good rates if you reserve ahead of time.

The first few miles out of Ouray, toward Montrose are really nice canyon miles.

A look back at the mountains we passed thru the last couple of days...

...looking ahead (we're on the other side of Montrose now), and climbing Cerro Summit. Today we're headed for Woodland Park...why? It is a nice town, on the other side of a few Colorado passes, AND, it is right near the base of Pikes Peak!

Headed down the other side of Cerro Summit...this is a really fun road, in good condition too.

Perfect riding day. Hardly any traffic...low's 70's, blue sky, fun roads, great scenery...

...and it's always better when there is a river running along side the road.

The TG is running great, it just loves eating up these curving roads!

Gunnison River in the Curecanti National Recreation Area. Photo taken at 70 MPH.

On the other side of Gunnison now, headed toward Monarch Pass...

...Headed up Monarch Pass now,* If you like a nice combination of twisties, sweepers, climbing elevation and fantastic scenery...

...This is a road to tear up and down.* We were very fortunate today, hardly any traffic, so we were able to travel at the speed we preferred.* lol

Pulled over to walk out on this outcropping of rock...

That is a LONG WAY down!

Taking a photo of this....

...pretty small to be a monument.

Looking back at Mary from out there.

Back climbing the pass.* Can't tell you how much fun this road is...

...looking back and down, at 60 MPH.

Climbing up to Monarch Crest....

...this is an amazing road, and it just keeps going higher, with seemingly endless curves... is like a ride that doesn't end....

...but we it does. The Continental Divide and the top of the pass at 11,312 feet. We went in, did a little shopping...we'll be shipping a package back home tomorrow.

After coming out, I asked Mary if she wants to go back down and ride up again...I was half joking...she was up for it. But we need to get to Woodland Park, so another day.

Coming out of the parking lot there are 3 great sights-

1. The snowy mountains
2. A sharp curve sign right off the bat
3. Looks like at least 10 miles of fun from the other sign.

Heading down is almost as much fun!

Mary grabbed this pic at 70 mph, dunno how she does it...'s another one in a curve, and headed into another curve. Was going about 65 mph here. She is a great riding partner, it takes as almost as much to get past her comfort level as it does mine....sometimes more. lol I do my best to stay within both our comfort levels...keeps both of us happier.

A look back, uphill, toward the summit.

We're all the way down the mountain now, on the 285. Another cloud pic.

After some flat miles, we're climbing another little pass...

...this is some beautiful country!

Back down the other side.

After riding a bit more in the flat land, we are headed up a pretty good we're in Pikes Peak country.

I don't know if the folks that live in Colorado know how great they have it with all these fantastic riding roads and great scenery....Colorado is an Amazing Place to ride!

Here we are at the Summit of Wilkerson Pass. Off in the distance is Pikes Peak. We're riding to the top of that tomorrow!

Getting close to Woodland Park now...just a few more "E" rides thru some fun roads...

...and we'll be there.

Mary's preference is for a Super 8 motel, but this was what we found available. It is really nice, and comparable in price.

Tomorrow we headed up to the top of Pikes Peak, and then a little riding around the area before heading over to Scott & Karin's place.