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Day 15 - Back in the USA

This morning we woke up in the USA. 

In the Casino parking lot this morning... we are going from the hills outside of San Diego, CA up to the hills, a bit west of Prescott, AZ.

Stopped in Yuma, AZ. We still do not have any way to get internet, or even data for GPS or texts. We want to get a USA sim card from T-Mobile to put in our Chinese Huawei phone that we bought in Mexico...

They will not sell us a sim card without ID...which we don't have.

So, off we go. Lot's of desert and straight long roads...

...til we start getting close to Bagdad, AZ. The last 14 mile stretch before getting to the outskirts of Bagdad is twisty and hilly.

I'm looking forward to riding this on the Harley!

We meet up with Kurt (aka TonkaDriver), and he has made arrangements for us to stay in a camping area about 11 miles outside of Bagdad...

After unloading...

...we enjoyed a nice sunset...

...and then rode into town and had a nice meal with Kurt and his wife Sally.

A BIG THANK YOU from Mary and I to Kurt and Sally!!!

After the last 5 days, their hospitality, and helping us out, have really put us back on track to enjoying this trip.

Not only did Kurt have a place all permitted for us to stay at. He also lent me a firearm to have while in AZ, lent us his tablet with a hot-spot so that we could have internet access, he lent Mary his camera to take photo's with, tomorrow he is going to accept some money from the shop with his ID so that we have $ for gas and food, but most of all, both of them have welcomed us is hard to put into words, but we are back on an even keel now, thanks to their help, friendship and hospitality.

I should mention, about 4-5 months ago, Kurt rode out to the shop in Red Banks, MS. We toured the shop and then talked for a few hours, bikes, roads and many other subjects.

He informed me that AZ had twisty roads, mountains & woods- a selection of great riding. I admit I was ignorant. Mary and I have always just passed thru AZ, never realizing that there was anything other than straight roads, desert, and the Grand Canyon.

That is the reason we are out here. The next couple of days he is going to show us around some great riding in AZ.


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