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Day 16- West Yellowstone

Leaving out of Dubois...

Right off the bat, it is clear, this is gonna be a GREAT DAY of Riding and Scenic views.

Oh yeah! Fun road, and great views, and we're barely started!

We have reservations at a motel in West Yellowstone tonight, but first we are climbing Togwotee Pass, then on to the Grand Teton National Park, then across Teton Pass, then into Idaho to travel north up to W. Yellowstone.

Climbing Togwotee Pass, this is a welcome road and view after the last couple of days.

Thoroughly enjoying the ride!

Almost to the summit, and it is getting a bit chilly...

...which makes sense as we cross the Continental Divide at 9658 feet.

We pull over to enjoy the views & so Mary can put on her electric jacket.

Heading down the other side now...

...a beautiful winding road, and those are the Grand Teton mountains in the distance!

Getting closer to Grand Teton National Park!


That sounds like a good idea.

​​​​​​​ooops, forgot to clean my windshield this morning!

This range is so big...

...Mary took dozens of photos...

...these are just a few of them.

There are no roads into these can hike up into them, but that is not in the cards for us. lol

A close up from the bike.

We did ride to Lake Jenny, which is the closest road to them. Parked and took a little hike to the lake...

...hope we don't need to make use of these 5 options!

After hiking down to Jenny Lake...

...we looked around, enjoying the quiet and the beautiful views...

... Mary messing around on a log in the water!

Walking back to the parking lot we ran into some folks from Tennessee and Mississippi, chatted for a bit, and got our picture taken.

Back rolling now, taking it all in...or, at least trying to.

Saw a little side road, with a wooden bridge across the stream. Went across it and ended up in an RV campground.

Back rolling on the asphalt, amazing views and perfect weather!

Rolling around 50 mph, you can see Mary in the mirror, taking a photo of the mountains she sees in the mirror.

A look back over her shoulder.

We're getting close to passing thru Jackson.

We stopped in Jackson for gas...

...then double back to Teton Village. (the back road from the NP was closed)

We thought about riding in one of those little cars, suspended above the ground on a cable....but they were closed for maintenance....which might have been a blessing, since we were not totally comfortable with the idea. lol

Found a shady spot on a grassy area...

...near a little stream and ate our lunch.

Nice cloud pic as we are leaving Teton Village...

...heading for Teton Pass. It did not take long to get past all those cages up there, so we could thoroughly enjoy the road and the views.

​​​​​​​ Fun ahead road sign!

This road, climbing the pass, is definitely scenic and fun to ride!

Continuing up Teton Pass, this is a super fun road to ride and...

...the lack of traffic and the views are huge bonuses!

As we head down the other side, there are even more "fun ahead" signs!

I don't know why, at 60 y/o I still have just as much fun in the curves as I did at 6 y/o, it must be in my blood. lol

Heading down this beautiful pass toward...


...The land of Potatoes. That is a Big Spud! lol

Not too far into Idaho we stop for a panoramic shot back at the Teton Mountains. We're now on the west side of them.

We do not have any photos that really capture the uniqueness of this section of 22 in Idaho. It is full of elevation changes and snaking roads, sometimes tight, sometimes longer sweepers... is an absolute blast to ride, and very different than anything else we've ridden up til today.

After turning north onto 20, there were 17 vehicles behind this semi, and in front of us, for well over 30 minutes. He would go slow up the hills and in curves, then speed up to 65-70 when the road was straight enough for anyone to pass...and no one would pass him. Finally there was a chance, and I got up to 90 mph, but I got past all the folks behind him, plus his front and rear escort vehicles...

...after that it was smooth sailing with very little traffic and some great views!

Cloud pic-

Crossing into Montana...

...this has been an amazing day of riding, great roads, great weather, spectacular scenery, all in three different States!

Here we are, West Yellowstone, Montana...

...this motel is our home for the next 3 nights. We'll be spending some relaxing time exploring Yellowstone NP.

After we checked in, unloaded, then went across the street to the grocery store....I had something I wanted to check out. My video camera has a remote microphone that is at the rear of the trike. A few days ago I noticed that the sound on my videos was not coming from the remote microphone, but from the mic built into the camera. The built in mic basically picks up wind noise, whereas the remote mic picks up very little wind noise but does a great job of capturing the exhaust note.

I was hoping that the cable to the mic was damaged, or the connector had come loose. So I pulled the seat and inspected the cable. Connector is not loose, and I could find no obvious cable damage. Oh well, it could still be the cable, or might be the actual mic or the connection at the camera. Doubt that I'll take the time to troubleshoot and fix it until we get back home.

That's it for another epic day of riding. Tomorrow we head into Yellowstone NP.