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Day 17- Yellowstone

Today is the first of 3 days that we're exploring Yellowstone at a relaxed pace. Always before we've been thru Yellowstone and only had 1 or 1.5 days, and then our schedule had us moving on.

I think most everyone has seen tons of photo's of Yellowstone, and Mary took over 500 today, but I'm just going to share a few...well, about 20 of them.

Here we are coming up to the entrance. We already have our NP pass, so we just stop and get a map...

... go thru and pull over to look at it, deciding what we'll do today.

Saw this bike/trike? go by...

...we were stuck in a bit of "buffalo in the road" traffic, you can see how low and small it is on the right side, above the fairing, as it cooked along in the bike lane.

We saw a LOT of buffalo today!

And some fantastic sights!

Waiting, a good distance back, for them to cross the road.

Saw a few groups of riders today.

Yellowstone is an amazing place, and very scenic. But whenever I see this kind of activity, I can't help but think the earth is leaking, and one day it's not gonna be so pretty here. eeek!

Mary enjoying the walk thru the earth's pressure relief valve.

hahaha, Stock. Bikes. Suck. Did not know Mary took this pic til this afternoon when we got back and I downloaded all her photos.

We headed over to Old Faithful...

...walked over to near it, had our lunch, and it was still another 1.5 hours before it blew again....we saw that just a couple of year ago, so we took a few photos...

...and were on our way. Here's another little traffic jam. Buffalo are walking down the middle of the road, between the cars. I hung back, keeping an escape route open...

...they came to about 10 feet from our front tire, then decided to cut across our lane and walk along the side of the road. Mary was pretty nervous and did not take any photo's until one of them was right beside us...I still could not move forward, since there was another one right in front of us. But I was ready to cut left, into the oncoming lane, if necessary.

This photo is of one right beside us, about 5 feet away. Massive creatures.

Absolutely stunning views!

Another guy that Mary grabbed a pic of as we rode by.

Mary in the Mirror...heading back to W. Yellowstone.

A quick look back...we have two more days to putt around.

Back "home".