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Day 11

Headed to Rocky Mountain National Park-

After spending 8 days with family in Idaho and Yellowstone (sans bike), we left Idaho for the Rocky Mountain National Park for a couple of days of riding!

Running thru Idaho, we cut across the northeast corner of Utah...

...and into Wyoming.

We spent the night in a rest stop, it had a great view of some buttes, but the only photos we took were of the prairie dogs right next to us. lol

Got up the next morning, excited to be in the Rockies...

...this is what we saw while still in Wyoming.

We checked the weather, and where we are headed had 6 inches of snow last night, and it is still snowing!

It is snowing a bit on us in Wyoming this morning!

We talk about maybe by the time we get there it will be done snowing...

...but as we climb a pass, getting near Colorado... is 33 degrees, we can't see, and we ditch the idea of riding in the Rockies over the next couple of days.

Instead, we decide to ride some in the Ozarks. So we pass thru...


Still have a big chunk of Kansas and Missouri to get thru to get to the Ozarks.

Since we aren't riding in the Rockies, we've decided to ride the highest mountain in Arkansas... Mt. Magazine.


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