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Day 6

Day 6-

Leaving out of Salina KS for Denver CO.

A look back...we got a bit of a light rain as we were leaving.

But it cleared up nicely and was in the mid-70's.

Somewhere along the 70 there was a mile long back up...

...It was stop and go for about 30 minutes, until we got passed the 18-wheeler that had crossed the median and was facing oncoming traffic.

Back cruising at 80 mph. The speed limit is 75, most of the traffic was going 85, I chose 80 due to a Strong headwind...even so, we still only averaged 26 mpg.

Entering Colorado... was still a lot of straight road...

...with a curve now and then.

Taking a look behind us.

Leaving out of our last gas stop before Denver....looks like we're headed for rain.

More in next post.